Yara Hoskia is a Japanese American, born from Los Angles California on June 7th, 2134. Yara took interest in Military history after he read about the American Revolution and World War II in the Pacific. His parents were Yamato Hosikia and Riko Hoskia, who were both Japanese Immigrants who migrated from Japan during the early years of 22nd' century. After graduating from the University of California Yara joined the U.S. marines, where he quickly rose up from recruit to sergeant. Though there were no wars on the planet at the time, Yara state that he wanted to join so he can learn to lead armies in the future if a war should break out on the planet. His dreams became a reality when the Rivera Federation: Federation Strike 7 invaded the planet in 2164, winning one battle after another starting with the United States than spreading world wide. He was known to be the heart and founder of the Universal Earth Alliance during the early Events of the Rivera Federation War in the 2160's, after organizing military legions from both the United States and his native country of Japan he later signed a document with the United States government in Washington DC where he would later receive the roll of leading this new faction. Yara died 3 years after the Arizona Operation in 2173 at age 44 when The FS7 Captured Resistance 7 In Equestria, and Executed him. After a 4 Day March passed millions of ponies Through Ponyville, he was shot his body was found by U.E.A. forces and was buried in Washington DC. It was also stated that half of his ashes were also Buried in Tokyo to symbol the strong relationship between the United States and Japan.

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