World of Balance Campaign
Location World of Balance
Result Allied victory
  • Prevention of the End of the World
Borealis Norsoutha-led military forces
  • Norsoutha-allied forces

Template:Country data NATO
Template:Country data UN
Template:Country data Ratatoskr
Template:Country data DEM Industries
Template:Country data Combine

Template:Country data Gestahlian Empire
Commanders and leaders
Template:Country data MHAEF Borealis Norsoutha

Template:Country data MHAEF Ushanka Mosin Aleksander Zoborov
Template:Country data Vatican City Archbishop Dimitri Aleksander Zolorov

Allied commanders

Template:Country data Gestahlian Empire Emperor Gestahl

Template:Country data Gestahlian Empire General Kefka Palazzo

Units involved


  • MHAEF: 38,000
  • Vatican forces: 15,000

UN-Allied Forces

  • UN forces: 57,000
  • NATO forces: 32,000
  • Ratatoskr: 22,000
  • DEM forces: 34,000
  • Combine Overwatch: 25,000
Gestahlian forces
  • Ground army: 780,000
  • Air force: 55,000
  • Magitek armors: 61,000
Casualties and losses
24,000 541,000

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