Wellington Raid
Date: October 2nd, 2021
Region: Wellington, Ohio
Leaders Unknown
  • Residents of Wellington Deceased...
  • Alvin Jr is kidnapped...
  • Clementine organizes Youth Resistance...
  • Youth Carson War is declared...
Universe: Walking Dead

The Wellington Raid also known as The Raid on Wellington, or Wellington Massacre. was a tragic event which involved a heavily armed group of Survivors called the Carson Rouge Faction who attacked and killed most of Wellington's inhabbitants during the Final weeks of the Apocalypse in 2021.

The Raid left every Inhabbitant within the walls of Wellington dead, but little 8 year old Alvin Jr, was left alive and kiddnapped by the faction, while Clementine herself was also alive and was uncoscious throughout the whole event.

This massacre would later lead to the Youth Carson War, when a very vengeful Clementine organizes her own faction of Survivials and declares her own war against the Carson Rouge Faction.


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