Walker Apocalypse
Walker Apocalypse
Date: July 20th, 2012 - October 5th, 2021
  • Georgia Where it originated from
  • World Wide
Leaders Unknown
  • Walkers Extinct...
  • Millions of People are killed during the 11 Year Period...
  • Milita groups disband...
  • Cure of the Virus is made...
  • Earth's Population reduced...
  • Virus is destroyed...
  • Carson Rouge Faction is formed...
  • Wellington is Raided...
Universe: Walking Dead

The Walker Apocalypse also known as The Outbreak or Post Apocalypse was a massive 11 year catalystic event which plagued the world when an Unknown virus originating from Georgia spreading and converted most of the population into Zombies, it is also the main setting for the Television and Video game Series Walking Dead.


The Apocalypse began in 2012, when an Unknown virus spreaded rapidly throughout the humans of Georgia, allowing them to reanimate once killed by another person, the results of murdurs and chaos fueld the rise of Zombies in which allowed these monsters to overrun several sections of the city in the past week, lasting for only 3 months many of the humans died of either starvation by rival Survivors or by these monsters.

The Apocalypse appeared to have been the end of the world situation when it came to the Human race until 2016, when a group of scientist from a hidden basement within the ruins of Macon, Georgia had finally managed to develop a cure in order to finally stop the Lethal virus from spreading, the noble effects of the cure was automatically tested on one Scientist who allowed himself to get bitten by a single stray walker, only for the effects of the cure to reject the lethal siliva from the Walker and instead kill the walker, as soon as this effect was done the cure was immediately mass produced all over the world and injected into several million survivors.

This valorful event eventually caused the Walkers to become weaker and less smarter, allowing humanity to have a fighting chance against the Zombies, by 2017 technology advanced in which several thousand survivors began to pick off Zombies world wide, even going as far as bringing down entire herds, by 2018, the Zombies eventually began to die of starvation, many of them began to decay from its rotting corpses, while others intended to Eat each other cannibolistly.

By 2019, the Military began a Nationwide counter attack against the Walkers which eventually led to the Zombies being overrun and completely annihilated resulting to the end of the Apocalypse by 2020, when the final Herd of Walkers was killed off by the US military, after purposely luring millions of Walkers towards an Open field in central Georgia and eradicate them with every resource and military ordinance known to man.

Throughout the rest of 2020, the US military has launched several search and destroy missions for any signs of Walkers that lurk around the US, the more walkers that died was in the Summer to early fall of 2020. By December 25th, over a grand total of about 100,000,000 Zombies were killed and wiped from the existance, weakining the herds more and more to the point that the US were able to finally liberate cities that were once level 8 Catastrphes and were once overrun by the Zombies, the end of the Walkers was drawing closer and closer as the year progressed into 2021.

However in 2021 during the closing and declaring of the end of the Apocalypse it was revealed that a large heavily armed group of survivors had managed to declare themselves strongest of the 3 safe havens and attack Wellington slaughtering everyone except a 18 year old Clementine, and an 8 year old Alvin Jr, for whom which they kidnapped after their raid.

10 days after the Wellington Raid the Military of the United States declared the Apocalypse was completely over by October 4th 2021.

On October 7, 2021, the Carson Rouge Faction has become the prime target of the reformed and reorganized United States Armed Forces, on the orders of Daladier Alexander Norsoutha, the 45th and current President of the United States of America (respectively, the 1st and current President of the Sovereign States of America).

Formation of the Human Expeditionary ArmyEdit

Expedition to CanadaEdit

On November 14, 2014, President Daladier has sent American forces to liberate Canada. Because of technological advancement–and massive changes in the US Armed Forces, which now fields and relies on armored units, tanks, mechanized infantry, air units, and naval ships–in the US, the American troops–equipped with new military equipment (to search for any threats and survivors) and weapons rechambered with high-caliber rounds–managed to liberate Canada in just seven days.

Liberation of Great BritainEdit

Seven days later, the Sovereign States of American–including the Commonwealth of Canada, the Republic of Peru, and the Federal Republic of Germany–invaded Great Britain to liberate it from the undead (or Walkers). An amphibious landing was made in Ireland before clearing the island of the zombie population.

Post ApocalypseEdit


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