Walker Class Grunt
Manufacturer: Aegis Oceanic
Designed: May 2nd, 1986
Faction of Origin: Moses Empire
Years Active: 1986 - 1993
Designer: Jerry Mouse
Planet of Origin: Neptune
Created By: 2091riveraisrael

Walkers are state of the art soldiers designed and Developed from Aegis Oceanic, were specially designed Robots that resemble Jerry the Mouse, and are Well armed with intense powerful weaponry.

Walkers make up both the Infantry and Grunts of Moses, and are also well balanced with Jerry's Ideas of Antics in order to evade and maneuver their enemies, making them very deadly machines.

In the earliest of its History, the Walkers were mostly designed by Jerry Mouse in order to enter and end the Vietnam War, which at the time of the the mid to late 1970's has been erupting for over 22 years, leaving both Tom & Jerry Temporarily laid off Acting and the Immediate end of the Tom & Jerry Show in 1975. Unfortunately Jerry's goal to end the Vietnam War was never met, for the War ended 2 years before the creation of the First Walker in August of 1984.

By the Time Moses was established in the early months of 1991, Jerry Mouse eventually realized that the War in Vietnam that he had been working so hard to build and master effective fighting machines against has been over for 7 years.

Overview Edit

Trivia Edit

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