Mega Jerora Rivera
Mega Jerora Rivera
Mega Jerora Rivera During His Final Years In the 2500's...


April 1st, 110,000BE Beltlogger 12


March 25th, 2598 Earth Atlantic Ocean


  • Continentals...
  • Universal Protector...


Android / Ace Pilot

Heart Of:

Mega (Romania)






  • Mega...
  • Star Gorg...
  • 43 Yarza...
  • Rivera...


Mega Rivera.43


  • Shot Down Over The Atlantic Never seen again...
  • Was the last of the Continentals To be destroyed...

Mega Jerora Rivera, (Born 110,000BE - March 4th 2598) Is a retired USF Ranger who has been in active service since the Early, and late 1800's who has been fighting to remain in active service for years. From 1800 - January 1st 2009 he was able to win each and every fight for Service, until the beginning of January of 2009 when Captain Jana Baskia a certain Girl friend asked Admiral Kale for him to retire, but to have him as her personal wing man at least so she can still be with him. Despite Mega's fighting to stay on the force, he finally lost and was forced to retire.

Despite being retired he never returned his MR.43 Class Star Cruiser and Techno Backwards Baseball Cap. He escaped many jail attempts by the law enforcements thanks to the help of his piloting abilities that no one not even Captain Jana can catch. After the crash of 2010 the Protectors gave up trying to catch Mega and said that they were freaking out over 1 stupid cruiser that was manufactured from the 1920's and wondered why they even would bother. As the superior ace of the entirely Galaxy Mega Jerora Rivera is the on Formly Machine with a major Ace Skill when it comes to Air born Vehicles Such as the 43.

First Arrival In The Skies Of Earth

On October 27th, During the Fall Of 1829 Mega was sent to retrieve a Holo Shot and his crew who have mysteriously ended up shot out of the sky. Cam from a crashed Lord 77, located In Sector 30, The Asteroids Of Hellnora. While on the way Mega came across Earth, just by the sightings Mega was in a great deal of surprise for he has never once seen a planet that was green and blue. Mega who was in a great state of shock and amazed decided to investigate the planet. As he entered the atmosphere he arrived in the skies over New York City, little did he know that as soon as he entered the planet, Romania his so called Body Soul had arrived on the planet as well bordering the European continentals of Cra, (Hungary) Lunara, (Bulgaria) Gorda, (Serbia) and Ukraine, and Molodova Russia.

As Mega flew through the skies High above New York City he arrived In the Upstate Area shining his Lord 77 Lights in an attempt so see what is on the ground, for the first time since his manufacturing he managed to see trees, Mountains rivers, and even clouds that are made up off water vapor instead of space dust and Radiation like the clouds they have on Rivera. After searching the forest areas of Earth as much to Mega's amazement he soon realized that his mission was also important and raced back into space in order to continue towards the asteroid fields of Helnora. Continentals, Brad, Grant, and Loyd, arrived in Romania after witnessing it's arrival on Earth, but could no longer find the main source of the Country, Mega Jerora Rivera. 12 Days later all 21 Continentals arrived in Romania and found out indeed that Mega had arrived in the skies of the planet but has not set foot on It's surface yet.


Early 1920's - Late 1990s

Throughout the years of Mega's Career the 43 was considered to be the most advance Space Ship in the early years, And also was a major success during the War Of Rangora and remained the most advance until the late 1950's when newer more modern ships were later being manufactured in order to replace the 43. Mega was given specific orders in 1951 to transfer from the 43 to his newly designed Cruiser the Goag, 99, but Mega argued against this replying, "I've had the 43 for over 27 Years now and I refuse to give up a national treasure for a more modern Junk Pile." Sadly On April 4th, Of 1960 Mega's Copilot Rookie Horace O Riley Committed Suicide after his Girlfriend Left him for another man. After he tragic death of his crew Mega Never wanted to give up the 43. The U.S.F. threatened that if Mega does not give up the 43 that he will get arrested for treason. Mega responded by attacking The Guardians High Command that was considerably known as The 43 Rebellion Of 68, Mega escaped with the 43 soon after and was later arrested by The UP back on Earth in the mid 1970's while he was aiding the N.V.A. During the time of The Vietnam War on attempted charges of attacking his own men.

Mega was release On January 7th, 1978, during the closing of the Nevada Campaign after serving a 2 Year sentence, but due to his great intentions the USF was never able to locate the 43. Finally at last on January 1st of 1992, Mega was later ambushed while flying the 43 back to Earth by the 43'rd Space Patrol who have been sent by Admiral Harold To Retrieve the 43 again so it can be scrapped with the rest of the Ships form the both the 1920's and 30's. Unfortunately Mega Intercepted the patrols chasing them from The asteroid field all the way to Carrier Grave yard, where a battle took place between the 43 and the squadrons of Goag 99's. The patrols however were annihilated by the 43, but the surviving one was about to call in for back up, but the 43 escaped the graveyard by Space Jump, The clash between the 43 and the 43rd, Space Patrols was known as The Grave Yard Clash. From than On the 43 has retreaded the Graveyard and remained for the rest of the 1990's In Space Little did he know after the Failure of Operation Mega 43 Admiral Rohans has ordered a complete surrender of the Space Craft in an attempt to spare Officers so that non other will end Up dead for a 1920's Space Ship. Admiral Polonium United Later came into Power In 1997 and later Finally Informed Mega that he can return to Earth now that the Heat has worn down, and that he can have the Ship Mega was feeling more at peace now that the War Of The 43 Has finally come to an end after 46 Years. Mega also took part in the Plague of Tora, after the death of Jade Tora, In 2001, and was mostly attacking the Citizens with the 43 in the air while the rest of the Continental's did the rest on both air and land.

Retirement At Last On 2009

From August 13th, 1800 - January 1st, 2009 Mega was able to win each and every fight for Service despite the crimes of War that he has done back In 1968 and 1992 against the Organization. Even though the 43 Was never recovered the New Admiral United called off the plans to scrap the 43 and just considered the ship to be let go. The only question was trying to get Mega to retire, for he has been working for the U.P. for the past 207 Years and is about a grand total of about 2 Century's Beyond his retirement Program throughout the 20th Century Mega seemed t be unstoppable, until finally at last in the beginning of April 1st, of 2009 when Captain Jana a certain Girl friend asked Admiral United for him to retire, but to have him as her personal wing man at least so she can still be with him. Despite Mega's fighting to stay on the force, he finally lost and was forced to retire.

Vietnam War

A Plan Sikia Saki Backfired

While the events of Sikia's Relationship with Zero was starting to go down the tubes by losing him to Sukia who he was eventually married too, she devises a plan to use Mega Jerora Rivera in order to try and Make Zero Jealous. Mega knew this was nothing but a stupid plan because Sikia was jealous that Zero was in love with someone else, and decided to pretend that he was an idiot and did not know what the hell was going on.

So for 4 Months of Hellish Fake Dating between the 2 Mega had to always make to her School on time otherwise he would suffer the wrath of a hit. Sikia even visited Zero one time as well in order for him and her to eat together but Mega Soon Caught Sukia naked and Wrapped In a towel speaking from the Bathroom. Sikia holding her anger in just apologized to Zero and left enraged yanking Mega's Wing so he can try and calm herself by yelling at him or else.

Sikia's Plan however did not seem to be working with Zero and he seemed to be getting more suspicious with the 2 of them. Sikia was starting to act a little more different than how she did when she was using Mega and for the first time in existence began to worry deeply about him. The plan of Sikia Saki to get Zero Medina was slowly starting to backfire. Sikia sooner or later began to develop feelings for Mega and soon began to get even closer to him than she ever had before. Mega still believes it's her acting up to get Zero Jealous dose not show any interest in her only in pretend. Sikia's antics of fake dating was soon starting to get out of hand, she began doing things that a girl who likes some body would do. She began acting more nicer, and more like a real girlfriend to him getting Mega into a huge State of Complete Confusion.

Eventually Sikia Soon found Jana talking to Mega and for the first time Since her plan Backfired began to show Jealousy towards Jana being Mega. 2 Minutes Later Mega went to check up on Sikia who was packing her school supplies, but she was still furious of him being with Jana Baskia and replied that if he loved her so much why doesn't he go marry her. Mega looks in a state of even more confusion as she stormed out the door and left him alone in the class room. Moments later Mega collapse while talking to Jana outside school grounds causing Jana to take him to her his Cruiser where she cooked some soup in order for him to get better.

Mega was lying on the Ground Of His very Own MR.43 Star Cruiser That Was Hidden In The Hiki Forests 10 Miles East Of Tokyo. With a wet Cloth covering his eyes and a thermometer in his mouth, Jana was about to feed him her soup but is stopped by Sikia from out of nowhere snatches the bowl from her and demanded to do it instead, both girls reacted aggressively causing the soup to spill all over the floor. A enraged Jana soon punched Sikia right In the Stomach causing her to fall out of the Cruiser and into a giant puddle of mud beneath. Sikia just lays in the mud shocked and Furious from this humiliating event losing all respect to her friendship with Jana. Sikia stormed back on board Mega's Cruiser with her Eyes gazing with Fire. While Jana was cleaning the soup off of the floor including some drops that landed on Mega's face as well.

Sikia punched Jana across the Cheek harder than she did in the Stomach and a fight begins between the 2 Girls. The 2 Girls later fall out of the Cruiser and into the Mud where Sikia landed five seconds ago. Despite being coated in mud the Girls continue to kill each other underneath Mega's cruiser while he still was inside out cold. The fight virtually ended in a draw when Mega finally woke up with a large a head ache. The Girls Reacted Quickly and raced back aboard the Cruiser while pushing one another out of the way in order to reach Mega first. Jana reached Mega first as he was rubbing his head, but Jana was forced out of the way by Sikia who grabbed his shoulders looking at him worried. Mega was wondering as well why both Girls were scratched up and coated with Mud. Sikia replied don't ask. It was obvious Sikia thinks of Mega as her Love Interest now and before the events of Jana or the Cat Fight she told Zero that she has decided to let him go in order to go with Mega.

Rivera Federation War

Rivera's Occupation

Unable to escape Serras due to heavy damage by Zero Medina's new and Improved Zorgan, Mega Jerora Rivera Pulls back. A screen of Rivera Federation Aircraft and Bombers, sooner or later arrive to counter attack Zero Medina who was taking heavy fire from the Rivera Federation Reinforcements, Fortunately for him the Ace Combat Universe arrived as well turning the entire airspace above Serras into a complete Air War. The Rivera Federation air forces sheltered the Mega's Cruiser from further harm, but after hours of sustained fighting, the craft's deflector shields were failing.[8]

The Buzzard Squadrons was immediately given mission objectives to clear out The Rivera Federation Attackers in engaging them in fierce dogfights. Their goal was to clear a path for Zero Medina and Sikia Saki. The pilots proceeded to destroy a number of Gora's and Brawlers's, as well as the shields and communications array of a couple of Raider DropShips.

At that instant, Sikia Saki Leaped out of her F-4 and landed right ontop of The 43. Taking advantage of the opportunity that Buzzard Squadrons had created, she uses special Riverian Boots that were designed for the Women of Rivera, in order to stay top of the Cruiser. Zero later finds out What Sikia is doing and Pilots his Zorgan towards Mega's Cruiser. They were unable to communicate with High Command due to heavy Rivera Federation ECM scrambling,[8] and were unsure if any other Earth Air Forces were out there fighting over Serras. As they approached, they found hundreds of Goras and Star Wings swarming protectively around the Mega's Ship, and the Zero engages the fighters with the help of The Demons Of Satan in an attempt to protect Sikia from the air attack.[6] Zero were also assisted by Harrison, who served as their escort and dispatched many Gora's.[6]

As they hurtled toward Mega's Cruiser, Sikia finally entered the ship already in the far lower deck in the Fueling room. Due to heavy battle damage from the War Outside the Fuel Room was breached and flooded with only a cat walk as a route in order to escape.

Zero managed to secretly Dock his Zorgan behind Mega's Cruiser and snuck aboard as well ending up where Sikia was. They managed to fight there way out of the Fuel room without having to ignite any of the Leaking Gasoline despite the intense firefighting, and managed to make it to the upper deck where they used a lift in order to transport themselves across the Cargo bay and into the next ladder that may lead to the control Bridge where Mega is. After managing to escape the cargo bay as well they make their way back to the Upper halls where little did they know that A Major Battle was about to begin between Mega and Sukia.

Mega entered a direct engagement with Zero's Wife Sukia Medina who was chasing him with her SU-37. Both sides used heavy cannons lined along the the Back and Front to demolish each other. Sukia Due to the intense engagement the Cruiser shook violently rocking from left to right nearly almost getting both Zero and Sikia Sick. Unfortunately took heavy damaged and retreated abandoning her fight with Mega. Unfortunately however due to the War outside Mega's Cruiser was taking a heavy toll and was not going to remain in the sky for much longer.

After dodging a tremendous amount of Debris and Attacks from the War Outside, Zero and Sikia at last enter Mega's control Room. He Rants that they have no where else to go and should have not come aboard his ship, but Zero replies "This time You Won't Escape." A Huge fight occurs between Zero, Sikia and Rivera Federation forces in the bridge. Zero and Sikia seem to be gaining the upper hand but unfortunately Mega's cruiser is later hit by damaged F-22 sending it flying in a Vertical Pose sending the fight to occur on the Canopy of the ship. The Fight continues on the Canopy with Sikia stressing that the Glass will break and both her and Zero will fall to their deaths. Despite all of the Rivera Federation forces hitting the Canopy cracking it due to their mechanical bodies the canopy manages to hold the fight.

After a while a Rivera Federation Gora accidentally lost control and crashed right into a Brawler The Collision was so close to the Mega's Cruiser that the wave forced the ship to capsize. The fight continues on the ceilings where finally at last Mega managed to force the ship back into a vertical angle like it is suppose to be, unfortunate the Bridge was clear of Rivera Federation Defenders and Sikia charged at Mega Smacking lips with him. Mega struggled to break free from her grasp but the Situation was hopeless. Mega was finally free of his darkness and remained a sleep until the End of The Air War Above Serras.


After the events of The Rivera Federation War Sikia Saki ends Up later Marrying Mega Jerry Rivera after fighting Jana hard for his honor Sikia won Mega's heart by being older than Jana and at least being more Mature, after their marriage Sikia had access to Mega's cruiser under his direct authority which meant when he is no longer using it she can use it in order to get to school fast and quickly than her bicycle. Mega's cruiser soon became a family Star ship piloted by both Husband and Wife. Sikia Saki Soon switched her name to Sikia Mega symbolizing her Husbands First Name.

Despite being married to Mega, Jana still fights Sikia in order to win back her lover, but Sikia's love for Mega with it as stronger than it ever once was caused Jana to fail in every turn. Sikia tightens her security around Mega so that Jana does not brain wash him into divorcing her to go back with Jana. Mega is still in confusion on what is going on between both Girls minds and hopes that sooner or later the answer he is looking for will fall right out of the sky and land right in front of his feet.

Death Rivera

Encore War

Sikia Mega

Final Years


  • Mega Is based off of real live character Jerry A Rivera...
  • Mega is the only Continental to ever operate a Vehicle, and most rarely ever uses his Jet Pack, not even his own Stereo...
  • The 43 was not the only ship In Mega's hands, He Used to fly a Goag 89, before testing the MR 43 in 1924...
  • The 43 was almost like a mother towards Mega, It was one of the reasons why he wouldn't give the ship up...
  • After the downfall of the Crew the 43 was the only company left In Mega's Gears...
  • Mega Never heard about the War Of 1211, due to being in Space the whole time...
  • Romania never arrived on Earth Until Mega's first Visit in 1829...
  • Mega was the last remaining Continental after his 20 Soul Walkers Perished. Romania was the last country left to be Europe...
  • Mega Returned to Carrier Grave yard In 2598 to pay his respects to the fallen Soldiers from the War Of 1211, but was never seen again after his departure...

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