The Unknown Monster This creature is a half aquatic and land based predator of unknown origin. It possesses several tentacles, similar to those of Earth's cephalopods.

While Rivera is on his way to finally getting a hold of the Jenra Crystal during the Crystal Empire Incident... after all other tactics have failed against him. Rivera would later encounter one of these creatures.

After Rivera had just stole a large some total of about 200,000 Crystals in all of Equestria, he would enter the Crystal Empire where his rampages consume even more crystals after staling so many, the creature noticed Rivera making his way towards the Jenra crystal in an attempt to steal it as well. It is from here that a battle between him and the unseen beas will commence. Rivera however could not fight against the creature's strength, and was finally defeated allowing Godzilla Team to destroy the Jenra Cyrstal and reversing time wiping out everything that RIvera has done in the last 3 days. The creature disappeared sometime after the battle and was never found again.


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Legend Edit

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