Universal Generation Orbital Navy
Universal Generation Naval Data base
Established: 2121
Fragmentation: 2282
Continents of Origin:
Leader: Horcuda Morora
Founders: Soul Walkers
Head Quarters:
  • Pare, Horsosoria
  • Mar, Harnats
Years Active: 2121 - 2282
Created By: 2091riveraisrael

The Universal Generation Orbital Navy also known as The Universal Generation Star Navy or Fleet of Destruction was the main punching power of the Universal Generation, and was also known to be the main cause for several species of both Organic and Mechanical beings alike.

The Universal Generation Orbital Navy was proven to be completely unstoppable throughout the FIrst and Second Eras of the Galactic War, until the Universal Generation's defeat at Sword in 2179, which led to the destruction of the Universal Generation capital ship the UGN GRA, and the Hail Fire's severe damaging from an anti orbital cannon about 12 years later during the Battle of Decay in 2191.

The Orbital navy was annihilated completely by the end of the 23rd Century in the year 2282, during the Invasion of Regents, as most of it's power was lost during the end of the Organic Theater, and the defense of the Universe of Hora.

The Third and Final Era of the Galactic War, led to the destruction of the once powerful navy in the history of Space.


Sections of the NavyEdit

Stars of SorrowEdit

Galactic ConquestsEdit

Unidentified BattlegroupEdit

Purge CrushersEdit

Orbital Star SistersEdit

Orbital ClassesEdit

Star Arora-Class
Star Arora Class Cruiser
Hail Arora-Class
Arora Tyrus Carrier
Universe Ripper-Class

The first major Universe-Ripper ever constructed in the history of space was the UGN Hail Fire, created and owned by the Universal Generation is the original and consistently largest of the Universe-Rippers, and is also known to be the only one of it's kind as well. During the intense of Mining operations Universe-Ripper Vessels use gravity tethers to pull massive sections of the planet up to be processed from within the vessel's mining deck. Over the history of the Hail Fire's endeavors, only one operation of three dozen has met with less than optimal results, in order to profit multiple sections towards the Universal Generation.

Eleven years prior to the end of the Second Era of the Galactic War, plus the Universe-Rippers first show up into the Organic Realm, a mining operation of Garionsis, presumably a mining colony, where in the UGN Hail Fire, three supply ships, and a colony were lost due to gravity tether failure. Though the Hail Fire survived the intense incident, with minor damage at that time in 2177, the Universal Generation has worked closely with the manufacturers and held crew training lectures to ensure a disaster of this magnitude never happens again.

Universe Ripper
UGN Inertia
Hell Brown-Class


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