U.E.A. Universal Earth Alliance...


April 7th, 2165


August 29th, 2320



Capital Planet:



Yara Hoskia


  • Rivera Federation War: (The People of Earth Unite against the Federation Strike 7 Invasion....)
  • Rivera's War On Terror: (Acted as an Alley to the Rivera Encores...)
  • Death Rivera War: (Collapsed After DR Surprise Invasion...)


  • The U.E.A. Collapsed after the Events Of the DR Invasion of the surface of Rivera In 2320...


  • The Star Warriors
  • United Continents
  • Universal War Lords


Washington DC...

The Universal Earth Alliance Or U.E.A. for short... Is a joint Continental Military Organization Of the Humans of Planet Earth, founded by Yara Hoskia in Washington DC during the events of The Rivera Federation War On The planet...

Establishment Edit

The Universal Earth Alliance was founded secretly by Japanese American Yara Hoskia, In Washington DC, Behind the backs of the FS7's backs during the early events of the Rivera Federation War On Earth in 2165, that has eventually began to spread through out the entire planet. Japan weeks later agreed to aide the U.S. war effort, by producing vehicles drop ships and fire arms for the war effort along side the US industries in the unoccupied states and lands.

The Japanese later began to send forces into the United States aiding them against the Rivera Federation, Despite the major defeats in the early events of the War, Yara later got word that New Harrison Rivera has attacked the RHM GRA in orbit by a massive riot that ripped through the entire ship and stole major war plans for the FS7 Invasion of other Continents on the planet in the future. After the riot Japan and the United States united into one Military, in 2165 where they began to train troops in both Japan and the unoccupied areas in the United States.

Finally in 2167 the Joint forces of the United States and Japanese with, deadly armor and strong fire arms entered the war starting at Arizona. The Rivera Federation: Federation Strike 7 and the U.E.A.'s first major clash began in the final events of Operation Arizona in the crash of 2167. After the FS7 defeat in Arizona many other Continents joined the joint U.S. and Japanese military 2 months later, the World wide volunteers later grew into a large alliance that Yara would later call the Universal Earth Alliance.

Battle Of Arizona...2167Edit

During the closing events of Operation Arizona in 2167 The FS7 sent a small force of Elite programmed Androids also known as the 89th Star Legion, during the days of the FS7's final Push towards the Human Evac site in the Dorg Desert. They were also the first ones to engage the enemy as well as holding the area until the FS7 main force finally came around.

During the battle of the Gorg Desert, a portion of the 89th Star Legion, who have finally arrived on Earth after 10 Years of engagments in Hora, engaged in combat. A group Reprise soldiers was assigned to secure Checkpoint Alpha. He encountered a 20 Men patrol in the vacinity, but managed to destroy them before they called in reinforcements. Blowing a large supply of fuel trucks to pieces with their Ion bombs. The United States military later arrived after hearing the sounds of gunfire and explostions in the distance. The group then secured the wreckage, and began to dig in fighting off the U.S. Military, beating back several attacks. Things began to heaT up for the 89 Star Legions later found themselves being attacked on all sides and were delibrityly running low on ammunition to hold back the assaults. Their line was saved when the FS7 arrived in the field and began to push back the U.S. Military, gibing the 89th, Star Legions an edge in the desert campaingn. The events soon became full scale war between the United States Miltiary, Militia, and FS7 In the region. while the war began to spread widly across the entire Gorg Desert, the FS7 seemed to be gaining the upperhand against the Milita and United States Military pushing them back several miles North towards the Evac site where the final remanents of the United States, combined with Japanese soldiers made their final stand, to protect the Military Gray Transports that were filled with mulitple civilians up to the thousands, that were planning to leave Earth to escape to the Moon or elsewehre in the Milky Way Galaxy. The 89th Star Legion deployed several engineers to repair the Power Crons and Repair crons, ensuring ammuniton and repairs supplies would aid the battle. During the course of the engagement, The United States Military sent a large division of tanks which began to stall the FS7 Advance on the field. Rudder 1's that were already on the field managed to destroy up to 13 American tanks, but they needed help when the Japanese arrived with reinforcments to try and break through the line of Rudder-1's.

The 89th began to take to the high grounds and began to fire RPG's down below causing a great deal of damage to much of the Human advance. They soon destroyed the large tank division to prevent the balance of power from swinging, and also brutally weakining the defenses of the Evac Site. An armed milita soldier was shot and killed by an FS7 sniper, which resulted in him dropping an earthling computer disk on top of the wrecked USS Trans. Using their jet packs the 89 grabbed the disk and managed to toss it aboard a Stryker who managed to leave the area and bring it back to FS7 controlled Phenix where it was later transported by Raider to the GRA in orbit. The Humans attmpted to size control of a hill top to try and hit the advancing FS7 from the right, but the 89th managed to mount an assault on the nearby hill fortress, soon securing it, from their 89 snipers began to pick off humans, resulting into them moving into a ful scale retreat back.

The 89th joined the FS7 Invasion forces as they entered the Evac region with the ships only a few miles away seen in the distance. the 89th later was ordered to launch an air assualt with other FS7 bombers to attack the Evac site. After a very successful air raid the 89th began to cover the FS7 ground invasion from down below as they drew closer to the transports. Things were goin well for the Androids of the 89th Star Legion, unitl an 89th radio android recived new contacts coming from the North.

The 89th Star Legion was then called up for air defense, when a fleet of new contacts arrived with Drop ships and and plenty of star fighters. The 89 managed to repel several air attacks but were eventually overrun, forcing them to land and join the battle below, which was now starting to become a major problem for the FS7. The humans now reinforced and well armed from the Universal Earth Alliance that was just formed last week, managed to prevent the FS7 from getting anywhere closer to the Evac site, as the transports started to take off to leave orbit. The 89th Star Legion was Than ordered to direct the RHM Jord into the area to glass the Evac Site and prevent the transports from leaving, but as soon as they gave it their coordinats the RHM Jord was blown outta of the sky by newly designed Earth Land Locusts Star Destroyers, sending the Jord smashing down on half the FS7 Advance, causing a large swift of dust, covering the entire region.

The 89th, was than ordered into the trenchs to cover the FS7 as they began their retrat, They managed to successfully cover the FS7 ground retreat, and extract at the same time nearly missing a U.E.A RPG. The first battle on Earth for the 89th Star Legion was known to be the first time that the 89th, began to have problems since their simulations, and also the very first time, that they were outnumbered.

Luthor SiegeEdit

The Siege of Luthor was a battle which took place two months after the U.E.A Victory at Arizona, and their major establishment. This battle is also known as the Defense of Luthor, Battle Of Luthor, or Assault on Luthor.

The day of battle dawned, and The Continentals sent down a large Invasion force on the surface of Luthor, landing ships accompanied by clouds of swarming Goras and Hellorias. Although numerous brave untrained pilots battled above, they could not stop all of the FS7 Invaders from landing in Horan the capital of Luthor. After a successful breach in the U.E.A defenses in orbit, mostly due to the U.E.A. not being fully prepared for O.S.W. (Orbital Space Warfare), dozens of fully loaded transports made it through. U.E.A General Stan Kara, and U.E.A. Defense eterny, George Sanders, worked to protect the fetal and adolescent stage of factories and munitions from FS7 Invasion, and activated the city's alarms leading only the new and improved recruits to defend the planet, against the FS7. Under the leadership of Stan Kara, the the U.E.A Rookies and new recruits advanced through the enemy lines.

A Large ground war moved through out the entire water platform, the FS7 was known at first to be gaining the upper hand against the U.E.A at the dry docks, but were later repelled, by the use of newly constructed, tanks. The continentals was forced to launch a desperate strike at the supposed location of the city's shield generator, a generator that was preventing any attempts from Orbital bombardment. However, the recruits proved to dial for the FS7 and managed to successfully prevent the FS7 from reaching the generators; the data gathered by the Corporate Alliance was false—there was no shield generator—and the Continental's efforts were in vain. In a last-ditch attack, the FS7 soon found themesselves surrounded and being attack on all fronts losing ground on the Water platform that they have gained in the last 12 days. Realizing the Invasion failed, the Continentals ordered the FS7 to Evacuate the planet. the U.E.A Space fleet counter attacked the FS7 Fleet in orbit and began to delay their withdraw. The Continentals entered the war themselves in orbit to destroy them and thus buy their forces time to retreat. The Continentals were known to be too overwhelming from the new recruits allowing the FS7 to get away.

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