United Earth Federation
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Leader(s) Expeditionary Admiral Grant Gerard DuGalle Calliope
Country Earth (Formerly)

New Earth (Formerly)
Korhal IV (Formerly)

Type Political Military Organization
Engagements Pre-Equestrian Conflicts

Post-Equestrian Conflicts

Active Present
Motto Morituri te Salutant

Latin: "Are About To Die Salute You"

United Earth Federation was a political military organization and an interstellar under the command of the Earth Federation and the Coalition Directorate. They were formed after the WLF was revolted.


The UEF Armed Forces fell under the umbrella of the Coalition Directorate and the Earth Federation. They did begin for an invasion. The UEF was also a directorate government controlled by Grant Gerard DuGalle Calliope.


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United Earth Federation
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  • Interestellar federation (de jure)
  • Directorate terran government (de facto)
Race(s) Human

Ponies (Young Admiral)

Founding document WLF Revolt on PLF
Leader Grant Gerard DuGalle Calliope
De facto leader Admiral Vassily Aleksander Petrenko
Armed forces

Federation Armed Forces:

Currency Directive/Federal Pound
Holiday(s) The Federation Day (October 19, 2132)
Official language
  • Chinese
  • Spanish
  • English (major language)
  • Other minor languages
Formed from Every military officers during the Revolt
Established Century XXII
Status Active

The United Earth Federation was formed after the Revolt on the Earths which brings them to escape long enough for them. This fleet being led by Calliope and his dearest friend Vassily.

Battle of EarthEdit

During their time on Korhal IV, they noticed FS7 forces heading towards for the Earths. The UEF, not fully prepared for the battle, was resulted in dispatching a small assault fleet consisted of the DSS Aleksander, DSS Ramstein, DSS Destroyer, a swarm of Wraith II-class starfighter, Valkyrie-type missile frigates, Valkyrie gunships, and some other aerospace vehicles. They are also charged of using Crucio-class siege tank, Goliath-class combat walkers, Marines, Medics, Firebats, Marauders, Reapers, and some other units. During their time on getting their forces ready, the UED Expeditionary Fleet has appeared and lend the UEF a helping hand. The UED, Confederacy, Dominion, and the UEF has launched their forces against the FS7. The Universal Earth Alliance has aided the United Coalition Federation for two years and now are fighting back. The Battle of Earth was the disastrous defeat for the FS7, who lost many forces while the coalition has small. During the battle on Via Sol, they made Via Sol their staging point. This led to the construction of every forces. They had their time knowing the FS7 Shipyards and raiding it, snatching every ships for their use. The also assaulted every positions. Unlike the FS7, they are known for the creation of three space fleets: UEF Expeditionary Fleet, UEF Defense Fleets, and the UEF Invasion Force.

Night of the DeadEdit

One of the forces of the United Earth Federation was the Marine Infantry. They appeared in the Friendship is Magic fiction Night of the Dead, in which eight marines arrived in the zombified land of Equestria. One of the notable characters was Grant Dimitri Victor Sherman

Military and GovernmentEdit

The United Earth Federation, known as the Constabulary Federatsiya, is a directorate government.

Calliope's first attack was temporary, meaning he was back, now the leader of the UEF, with Vassily Aleksander Petrenko as his second-in-command. Calliope, who was responsible for doing what is right for him and his friends, by eliminating every plans the "evil" ULF did for its domination.

The military has an army, air force, marine corps, and navy. The UEF military also has an expeditionary force, the Saviour Fleets. The UEF Armored Corps were consisted of space marines in powered infantry armor.

The armed forces of the Constabulary Federatsiya was much of the same size as the World League Federation but was the ULF's friend. The UEF Military Intelligence Command and the UEF Military Intelligence and High Command were the responsible for conducting gathering intelligence.

The United Earth Federation Expeditionary Fleet was a terran strike force under the command of Grant Gerard DuGalle Calliope, with Vassily Aleksander Petrenko as his second. The expeditionary fleet was consisted of two distinct wings - Storm Wing and Starbeam Wing. The Starbeam Wing was by far the most powerful force, as the UEF favors aerial combat rather than ground combat, which was favored by both the DEF, the ULF, and the FS7 Expeditionary Fleet.

The expeditionary force then begins the invasion in the year 2175.

The military kept a special forces, using the US Marines' jungle camouflage and the US Armed Forces' T-51b power armor and helmets. Their weapons was consisted of Tesla Cannons, Rickochet Rifles, XM285 Assault Rifles, Mini-Uzis, Miniguns, 10-capacity Rocket Launchers, etc. The only known special forces was the Marine Infantry.

Formation of the United Earth Federation Expeditionary FleetEdit

The UEF plans to create an expedition consisted of Dominion Armada, UED Expeditionary Fleet, and Hive Fleet Overlord. They begin to head to Equestria, but instead the UEF builds a base in Via Sol. The UEF Expeditionary Fleet, UED Expeditionary Fleet, Hive Fleet Overlord, and the Dominion Expeditionary Fleet arrives on Via Sol with out incident and builds a base which has unlimited resources such as Mineral fields and Vespene gases. They put defensive structures like Bunkers, Missile turrets, Perdition Turrets, Psi Disrupter, and Hive Mind Emulator, are now advanced.


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