United Earth Coalition
Motto: "Viva La Vida!"
Anthem: Anthem of Earth
Capital of the UEDPiitsburgh, Pennsylvania
Official languages English, Russian, Arabic, European, Asian
Demonym Terran
Government Directorial coalition state Militaristic government
 •  President of the UEC Aleksander Zolodovsky
 •  Vice-President of the UEC Michael Pope
 •  Chairman of the UEC Phillip d'Eschrienne
 •  Minister of Defense Daladier A. Norsoutha
 •  Speaker of the House Sir Ernest Hoffinton
 •  Chief Justice Chen po-Yang
Legislature United Earth Congress
 •  Upper house United Earth Senate
 •  Lower house United Earth House of Representatives
Formation of the United Earth Coalition
 •  United Earth Coalition treaty January 12, 2100 
 •  Water (%) 69%
 •  estimate Terra
  • 5,173,000,000,000 (Terra)
  • 21,267,000 (Moon)
  • 45,571,000 (Sun)

Inner Space

  • 1,897,120,000 (Mercury)
  • 1,245,365,000 (Venus)
  • 2,768,109,500 (Mars)

Outer Space

  • 7,896,240,200 (Jupiter)
  • 4,187,096,800 (Saturn)
  • 3,708,125,100 (Uranus)
  • 3,165,230,000 (Neptune)
  • 300,000 (Pluto)
Currency UEC Dollar
The United Earth Coalition, also known by its abbreviation UEC, is a human government in the Solar Systems. It was formed after the signing of the United Earth Treaty.


The UEC' roots leads back to the United Nations and multiple conspiracy theories regarding a New World Order. However, an incident where a UFO crash-landed sparked interests in space, and thus the UEC was formed. The UEC established colonies on the Tau Ceti systems and a few others.


Main article: UEC Armed Forces

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