United Alliance Of Bush's Fans
U.A.B.F Counter Attack At Standford Heights...2011
U.A.B.F. forces attack Germans At Stand Ford Heights On November 9th, 2011...


August 2nd, 2010

Created By:



  • United Bieber Fever Alliance War
  • United Nazi War

City Of Origin:

Carcus Town N.Y

Main Leader:

Kate Bush

The United Alliance of Bush's Fans (abbreviated as UABF) is an international organization of Kate Bush fans formed in order to fight against the Neo-United Bieber Fever Alliance.


Rise to PowerEdit

The war first started when Adolf Hitler recieved a message from a group of Justin Bieber fans, stating that they were furious about the parodies insulting him. They were especially angry over the constant comparisons between him and Kate Bush, and wanted to avenge the deaths of the members of the original UBFA (all of whom were killed in Lt. Colonel Bill Kilgore's massacre of the fortress). As a result, they decided to declare war against all fans of the latter's work.

Germany was quickly overrun by the Neo-UBFA, who began taking whatever steps were neccessary to prevent Kate Bush albums from leaving the country. However, other nations began to form the UABF, in an effort to fight the UBFA.

Chard's Last StandEdit

Initially, the UBFA managed to gain the upper hand in the conflict. While fighting in South Africa, they formed an alliance with the Zulu tribe, and fought hard against the British soldiers of the UABF. However, The war was soon turned around when they decided to attack a small outpost commanded by Lt. John Rouse Merriott Chard.

Chard, with support from his officers, Lt. Gonville Bromhead, and Colour Sergeant Frank Bourne, managed to successfully stand agains the invading Zulu army, and eventually driving them away from their outpost.

Miller's InvasionEdit

One of the most significant factors in the war was the invasion of the UBFA-controlled Omaha Beach, led by Captain John H. Miller. Multiple boats carried soldiers and medics towards the beach. Hundreds of soldiers were killed before even reaching the shoreline, but most of them managed to work their way to the beach.

At the cost of hundreds more soldiers, Miller's division slowly worked their way up the beach. Eventually, they started to get close to the UBFA fortress. One of the medics, Irwin Wade, attempted to operate on a wounded soldier, but the patient was killed by a UBFA soldier just as he had stabilized him.

Finally, with some assistance from professional sniper Daniel Jackson, the UABF finally made broke through the enemy defences and into the UBFA fortress. There they proceeded to massacre all the soldiers inside before moving on.

Battle Of New Hampshire November 8th, 2011Edit


SS forces Attack U.A.B.F forces At Littleton New Hampshire... On the 8th, Of November...

The Battle Of Littleton Was the second Battle In the SS Blitzkrieg Of New Hampshire to Expand their Perimeters so that they can Leave the United States. The Battle Resulted into A German victory at Pailor Fields by driving the Americans out of the area, but later resulted in an unexpected U.A.B.F victory in the city while they were Marching through the ruble.

On the Exact Same date Of The Video's Posting at Pailor Fields New Hampshire where The Nazi Military launch a surprise Air raid against American Veterans 20 Miles from Littleton. Though the lines held against the SS advance the Americans eventually got pushed out Of Littleton allowing the Whole American City to fall In German Hands.

As Krebs points out their victory on their perimeter expanding he States that the SS has attacked and occupied the city of Conway as well. Unfortunate the Germans while marching through the ruins of Littleton came under heavy fire from The U.A.B.F. And were forced to pull back, they were also repulsed at the Battle Of Lincoln fields by United States forces as well causing them to holler in Celebration.

The United Nazi WarEdit

The United Nazi War Is A war between Nazi Germany and the United Alliance Of Bush's Fans, Nazi Germany was considered Neutral during the events of the Hitler Bieber Fever War, and was never touched by either side until November 8th, of 2011. The war had been declared after the U.A.B.F, Attacked the German forces At Littleton New Hampshire While they were Marching through the Cities remains.

After the SS Defeat In West Upstate New York The Germans counter attacked and reclaimed the lands that were liberated by the United Alliance Of Bush's Fans Yesterday, and also delt a crushing blow to the U.A.B.F. At Cat Skill Town breaking through their lines and over running their Positions. Within ours the Whole Cat Skill Mountains had fallen into German hands sending the U.A.B.F. Running West. Kate Bush later calls her forces informing them that thier is another Alliance Stationed
United Nazi War

Parody Art By 2091riveraisrael

on Hill 66. The United Fans Of Eminem.

However Operation SS Freedom A Battle that took place Behind Enemy Lines while the Battle Of Hill 66, was In Stock. Though A Complete and Utter failure The SS Might be that close to finding the Location of English Singer Kate Bush. With the bulk Of the Nazi forces engaged at Cartel Hill A.K.A. Hill 66. The United Alliance Of Bush's Fans, Make plans in an attempt to reclaim at least some of the ground that was lost a couple days ago. After a surprise attack they managed to reclaim the fields of Tyrus, and enter the City, but were stopped by intense German Resistance In the downtown area by MG.42's Tanks APC's and a lot of Infantry.

The United States National Guard forces managed to reclaim the City of Tyrus forcing the United Alliance of Bush's Fans to leave and take positions outside the City. The United State's Celebration of their liberated town is cut short when the Germans return from their defeat at Cartel Hill, mostly die to facing weapons beyond their time. After reclaiming the City an angered American Citizen Armed with an M1 Hollers at the Germans Yelling what will it take to get These SS Bastards Off American Soil, the Germans state that they are In the country to capture Kate Bush, and punish the United Alliance Of Bush's Fans who thwarted their peaceful departure last week.

After sparing the German soldiers The American Citizen just watches as Tyrus is reoccupied by the Germans.


  • The UAFB have important groups that supported them. The Free Asian Federation agreed with the UAFB to protect Asian Countries from the Neo UBFA and send forces to support UABF armed force.
  • The United Fans Of Eminem
  • The United Fans Of Linkin Park
  • The 2091riveraisrael & Kit Kittedge Legion

Rivals Edit

  • Neo United Bieber Fever Alliance: Due to insulting Bieber the U.B.F.A. Have always despised the U.A.B.F.
  • Nazi Germany: As Of November 8th, for Interfering With Blitzkrieg America, At Littleton New Hampshire While Attemoting to leave the Nation.


  • The acronym "UABF" is actually an anagram of "UBFA".
  • It appears that the F.A.F. weren't the only ones who supplied the UABF; their usage of WWII/Cold War-era American and Soviet weapons make it seem that they were also backed by both U.S. and Russian governments (not to mention some arms dealers).

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