The Punk Star


August 11th, 2171


December 28th, 2172


Universal Generation


Carter 5


January 18th, 2173


  • Destroyed By Solance Ova Bomb, In FS7 Controlled Orbit Over Equestria, in 2173...


Military Carrier

The UGN Punk Star was known as the first Carrier in Regian Military History, The newly Manufactured Universal Generation Aroroa Hail-class Carrier that led the advance assault on the Planet Equestria. It was destroyed by a Guards team during Operation: Lunar Star 1.

History Edit

Sometime before December 29th, 12, 2172, The Punk Star entered Equestria's orbit and was cloaked by a network of Spires. The Carrier was then able to covertly land troops on the surface of the planet, starting the advance invasion of Equestria. It seemed to act as the flagship for the advance force, made up of the Carrier and at least six Arora Star Class Cruisers, Including 3 Hail Star Class Destroyers/Glassers.

On January 12th, 2173, Spire One was destroyed, revealing the location of the Carrier to the Princess Luna, and Princess Celestia. After having its stealth compromised, Long Night of Solace proceeded to destroy the UNSC Grafton and lay waste to several other UNSC deployments. It then retreated to Covenant-held space in orbit above the planet.[4]

During Operation: Luna Star 1, an operation designed to destroy the ship, Princess Celestia, and Princess Luna sent Eva teams transported a newly created, bomb, the Solance Ova Translight Engine onto a Universal Generation Arora Star called the UGN Tigress that was on a refueling run with the Carrier. Fluttershy then sacrificed herself to activate the slipspace manually, believing she had saved Equestria from Universal Generation invasion.

The unrestricted slipspace rift teleported the middle half of the hull into atomized bits, destroying the Punk Star. The remains of the Punk Star then crashed in a mountain range on the surface of Equestria just as the main wave of ships from the Fleet of Dictator Highland jumped out of slipspace over the planet, until in hot pursuit by the DEF Armed Forces.

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