The United Global Coalition, also UGC, was a terran organization formed after unknown activities were suspected.



In the year 2077, the Earth was at total peace after the nations have signed a peace treaty to end all conflicts. However, it was short-lived as unidentified activities has caused widespread panic. The same day the unknown activities just started caused several nations to create the United Global Coalition.

The Galactic War for DominationEdit

Adopting a more proactive, militaristic policy in regards of alien affairs, the UGC used considerable resources in studying the Azerothians. The UGC, after having conducted research on the alien races for months, believed that they were capable of countering the aliens and decided to end the conflict in Azeroth by any means necessary.

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An expeditionary force was placed under the command of Admiral Grant Gerard DuGalle Calliope, a brilliant and talented commander. Admiral Calliope was given three main objectives when he would arrive in Koprulu Sector:

  1. Conquer all of the "rogue" terran colonies, and capture multiple leaders, the ones who are leading the Horde and the Alliance.
  2. Take control of the entire Kepler-69c by building a new base with civilian and military building.
  3. Use the captured Zerg Swarm to pacify all protoss activity within the sector.

The UGC justified this act as a means of assuring the survival and prosperity of humanity throughout the galaxy.

Military WingsEdit


The UGC Expeditionary Force used 21st century technology but also used future military technology. The space technology the UGC used was similar to the UED. The UGC also used Cold War-like space stations.

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