United Earth Federation Planetary Garrison
250px-UnitedEarthDirectorate SC1 Logo1.svg
UEFPG Insignia
Leader(s) Expeditionary Admiral Grant Gerard DuGalle Calliope
Country Korhal IV


Type UEF Space Naval Forces - Planetary Garrison
Engagements 2nd Robot Riot on Korhal

Pre-Equestrian Wars
Post-Equestrian Wars

Active Unknown-Present
Motto An Suspendisse Te Mors te Salutant (Latin: Are About TO Live Salute you)
The United Earth Federation Planetary Garrison was a human/terran garrison forces within the United Earth Federation Armed Forces and the UEF Federal Defence Force. They are part of the Second Robot Riot of Korhal IV, then reappeared again in the world of Harmony, this time they will be defending the world from being captured. The UEF Planetary Garrison had begun to put themselves in Equestria. They might appear in the Ponycraft: Friends of Equestria, which was made by BladeSquall. The UEF Planetary Garrison houses the 56th Battlecruiser Squadron, the Loyalist Earth Motherland Federal Protective Force housed the 2nd Starfighter Division, and the UED-UPL Armored Corps housed the 1st Powered Infantry Battalion. -->