General descriptionEdit

The United Earth Federation was an enlightened socialist/loyalist directorate organization inspired by both the United Earth Directorate, the Terran Dominion, and the Terran Confederacy. Though the bulk of enlightened socialist forces have only improvised weapons to fight an enemy with UED-made, American-made, Russian-made, and European-made guns, their superior discipline and numbers dampens their enemy's superior advantage. Combined with their skills in infiltration and sabotage, the forces of royalty and of enlightened socialism have managed to scory tactical, strategic, and operational victory against their enemies in the Prime Universe and the Mirror Universe and maintain a superior presence as the most friendly but over-protective faction in the universes.

The military was inspired by the Russian Armed Forces, the US Armed Forces, the Armed Forces of the Crown, and every kind of armed forces/military force - which Calliope combines them in order to create a loyalist military.


Grant Gerard DuGalle Calliope is the leader of the UEF and his orders are far more law. Immediately below Admiral Calliope was an admiral der militaer. The admiral der militaer, German for Admiral of the Military, is essentially the second-in-command for the loyalists, ensuring that Calliope's orders are followed graciously. The military commanders are responsible for directing enlightened socialist-royalty forces and coordinating attacks.

Loyalists are assigned to operations, large groups, of twenty-six socialist troopers, led by one or two battle captains who served as squad leaders.

Grant Gerard DuGalle Calliope himself holds the title of Expeditionary Admiral - which is the highest rank. The Admiral of the Military was held by Vassily Aleksander Petrenko.

Expeditionary ForceEdit

The UEF Expeditionary Fleet was a combined enlightened socialism/royalty expeditionary/military pacification fleet led by Admiral Calliope, who was also the UEF's leader. The expeditionary force itself has two distinct wings:

Starbeam Wing is by far the largest force, which the UEF prefers aerial warfare rather than ground warfare (favored by every factions). Their are also specialized organizations within the Fleet: