United Earth Federation Hail Ships Were Salvaged FS7 Hail Arora Class Glass Ships, and Star Arora's that have been salvaged during the Star Walks Raid over Equestria In FS7 Occupied Space, in the fall of 2172.

Calliope's Raid On The Star Walks...2172 Edit

Trying To Decipher FS7 Language Edit

FS7 Language Discovered To Be EuropeanEdit

Fire Arms Stolen After Star Walks RaidEdit

Equestria Steals FS7 MusicEdit

Main article: Princess Celestia Steals FS7 Music

Hail Arora Class Edit

Star Arora Class Edit

Factions With Confiscated FS7 Vessels Edit

Renames Of The Ships Edit

Here are the renames of the ships. Some of this ships are built from United Earth Federation Occupied FS7 shipyards. The names are:

Captured Star Arora ShipsEdit

Captured Hail Arora ShipsEdit

Trivia Edit

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