United Earth Federation Expeditionary Fleet
UnitedEarthDirectorate SC1 Logo2
Founded February 12, 2055
Disbanded March 16, 2055 (Reformed in September 1, 2055)
Service branches Request flag of united earth fed by generalhelghast-d58nlsz UEF Assault Fleet

Request flag of united earth fed by generalhelghast-d58nlsz UEF Planetary Garrison

Headquarters UEF Flagship DSS Aleksander
Commander-in-Chief Request flag of united earth fed by generalhelghast-d58nlsz Expeditionary Admiral Grant Gerard DuGalle Calliope/Young Admiral
Commanders Request flag of united earth fed by generalhelghast-d58nlsz Admiral Jordan

Request flag of united earth fed by generalhelghast-d58nlsz Admiral Vassily Aleksander Petrenko

Military age 14
Conscription 14
Available for
military service
74,230,03 males males, age 15–49,
59,901,100 females females, age 15–49
Active personnel 14,298,901
Reserve personnel 15,290,100
Deployed personnel UEF Strike Team

UEF Assault Fleet
UEF Planetary Garrison

Budget $569.2 billion
Percent of GDP 6.5%

Flag of ued expedition fleet by generalhelghast-d58u347

The United Earth Federation Expeditionary Fleet was a Human strike force dispatched to the Equestrian-Koprulu Sector in order to bring the sector under UED control during the Brood War. The fleet was commanded by Expeditionary Admiral Grant Gerard DuGalle Calliope with Admiral Vassily Aleksander Petrenko as his second. The UEF Expeditionary Fleet has supported the Equestrians backed up by ponies and humans.

Military, Tactics, Civil Agency, Uniform, Paramilitary Force, and Military IntelligenceEdit


The UEFEF was consisted of Storm-class battlecruisers, Crucio-class siege tanks, and Wraith II-type starfighters. Its ground forces, were using similar technologies the Dominion used.

The UEFEF are consisted of an army, navy, marine corps, and air corps. The UEF Assault Rangers were the amphibious/expeditionary army rangers, while the UEF Space Naval Command has the Marine Infantry. They also had the Military Air-Ground Task Force.


The UEF Expeditionary Fleet's tactics were based on the UED's tactics, which they were fascist tactics. These fascist tactics were being used for the invasion whenever the dire (allies) needs.

Civil AgencyEdit

The UEFEF Civil Agency was the Ministry of the Police Corps aka Minstry of Security: it is consisted of the Ministry of the Federal Affairs which has the Federal Police Corps; and the Ministry of the Directorate Affairs, which stores the UEF Internal Troopers.


The use of Wehrmacht uniforms for the expeditionary fleet was barely accepted as UED, Dominion, and Confederate uniforms were also accepted. Schutzstaffel and Gestapo uniforms were also used for the Military Intelligence Command and the Military Intelligence and High Command.

Paramilitary ForceEdit

The paramilitary force was the Ministry of the Police Corps aka Ministry of Security: consisted of the Ministry of the Federal Affairs which has the Federal Police Corps; and the Ministry of the Directorate Affairs, which stores the UEF Internal Troopers.

Military IntelligenceEdit

The Military Intelligence Command and the Military Intelligence and High Command were two global intelligence corps that was consisted of officers who gathers informations and consisted of officers with psychic abilities. Major Rikov Petrov Budenny and Li'l DuGalle were the answers which has psychic abilities.



United Earth Federation Expeditionary Fleet
  • Humans
Founding document After the Rise of the UEF
De facto leader UEF Council (based on Korhal IV)

Request flag of united earth fed by generalhelghast-d58nlsz United Earth Federation

Special units/buildings:
  • Medic
  • Valkyrie
  • Goliath's Charon boosters

Specialized units

Military Wing/Battle Order
Holiday(s) UEF's Foundation
Official language
  • English (major language)
  • Russian
  • French
  • British
  • Other minor language
Formed from

After the rise of the United Earth Federation

Established 2158
Status Present

The Earth Federation was a government within Earth but when an alien threat came and destroyed the Earth, they were caused to be split into three force: the ULF remnants (Calliope), the PLF (David Johnson), and the WLF (G.D. Eisenhower). The ULF remnants were at Korhal after they came. However, the same alien species attacked the Earths but were beaten back. This victory was given to them

The ULF remnants became aware of the existence of the Riviera and humans in the Equestrian-Koprulu Sector. Fearing a possible attack on New Earth Mostly after hearing that they had Invaded Old Earth in 2164, and are terminating all humans on the planet, occupying one Continent after another, the UEF was formed, resulting in the dispatching of a fleet, tasked to

  1. Re occupied all of the "FS7 Occupied Planets" Throughout the Milky Way, and capture/Kill Dictator Horace Highland Rivera, the Dictator of the newly formed Rivera Federation.
  2. Take disruption of the FS7 Communications by capturing the Comm Disrupter with psychics and powerful weapons.
  3. Use the captured Disrupter to sabotage all Riviera communications within the sector.

The UEF fleet arrived in the sector after the Great War. One of the fleet's first actions was to conduct a "weapons test" in which Admiral Kelly observed a battle between humans he had released onto an unsuspecting FS7 controlled Planet.

Another early action was at Braxis as the UEF sought to take control of the planet from the Dominion. The UEF blockade of the world proceed the ponies escaping with the Elements of harmony. Although the ponies escaped the fleet proceeded to assault Boralis, the capital city, and capture the planet. In the process the UEF assisted Lieutenant Samir Duran and elements of his Confederate Resistance Forces.

The UEF fleet continued to attack the FS7, such as capturing the FS7 Shipyards and destroying a FS7 Armada counterattack led by Admiral Dark Sparkle. It also found the Psi Disrupter on Equestria despite heavy FS7 presence in the world as it feared that FS7 Dictator Highland's forces would take the Psi Disrupter first.

Conquest of the FS7Edit

The FS7 fleet then launched a massive siege to Equestria, the ponies' country and a diarchist-monarchist country. Despite being outnumbered and a strong defense force set up by the opposition, the fleet was able to gain victory and even Occupied Celestia's palace on Canterlot, though failed to capture the Princess Celestia herself thanks to intervention from Admiral Jordan and a small terran fleet, and Horace Hoystoria Rivera's Treason against his own race of Machines from Rivera herself.

The "Style" of Vassily being objectedEdit

The fleet's next course of battle would be at the town of Appleloosa, where Celestia and Luna had escaped. There, it found that a huge NLR refugee base was located there with a warp gate and worse, multiple FS7 troops surrounding the base. The Expeditionary Fleet was able to destroy one FS7 group there with relative ease and secure a base and launch a large defense to the NLR base though by then, the warp gate had been activated which triggered the FS7 into full action. Despite this, the fleet's forces were able to rout the Riviera defenders and protects Luna's command center. With the fugitives Celestia and Luna attempting to escape, the UEF protected them in hot pursuit. The mission would have been successful though a huge wave of terran descended upon the FS7 attacking force from the north-east, forcing the fleet to fall back. They did not realize however, that Samir Duran had told them by moving their troops out of the area.

Vassily Aleksander Petrenko left the debacle on Appleloosa and secretly reconstructed the First Psi Disrupter on Braxis. When Calliope realized that the Disrupter hadn't been passed, the fleet redeployed to Braxis. DuGalle sent a commando force under Duran in order to "object" Stukov's command. Duran objects Stukov, who, with his first words, revealed to Kelly that Duran was the objector and possibly like Alfred "Bald Dumbass" Jodl, and told DuGalle that the Disrupter was essential to their mission. Shortly thereafter, a large wave of FS7 invaded the Disrupter, while someone had set the power core to self-destruct. The UEF forces were able to defeat the FS7 and save the Disrupter.

Mind PlansEdit

The UEF fleet's perhaps objected major victory came upon Equestria, where it went to capture the Second Psi Disrupter and its minions after activating the first Disrupter. Initially, the fleet came across many difficulties thanks to three specialized Generators; one giving missile turrets invincibility, one spawning a Riviera Destroyer and the other guarded by large numbers of Riviera Guardians. However, these generators were destroyed eventually and the second Disrupter was finally captured, effectively giving the UEF Expeditionary Fleet more numbers and making them the defensive power of the Equestrian-Koprulu Sector. A victory report was send back to Via Sol though much of it was NOT exaggerated. For example, Vassily (aka Casey)'s was reported to have been objected by Duran heroically in action on Equestria. However, this war is different to the ones.

The invasion took place after the FS7 Domination of the World of Harmony. This caused the UEFEF to send most of its forces towards Braxis, their first target.

Military Units and TechnologiesEdit

The Military Units and Technologies of the United Earth Federation were part of the Olympus, a project conducted by the UEF Science Corps. The science corps appeared to have conducted multiple projects, and appears to be based on the ones from the game Starcraft II.

Ground ForcesEdit


  • T-280 space construction vehicles
    • Regenerative Bio-steel
    • Orbital Depot
    • Dual Fusion Welders
  • Marines (Known as smiths by the UED)
    • Stimpaks
    • Combat shields
    • C-14 Rifles
    • CMC Powered Combat Suits
    • C-141 AC Gauss Rifle
    • C-150 Ronin Pistol
  • Firebats
    • Stimpaks
    • CMC 660
    • Perdition flamethrower
    • Incinerator Gauntlets
    • Juggernaut Plating
    • Stabilizer Med-Packs
    • A-13 Flash grenade launcher
    • CMC-405 light combat suits
  • Marauders
    • Jackhammer Concussive Shells
    • Kinetic Foam
    • Stimpaks
    • Concussive Shells
    • 5-4 Powered Infantry Suit
    • Quad K12 "Punisher" grenade launchers
  • Specters
    • AGR-14 rifles
    • Nyx-class Cloaking Modules
    • Ultrasonic Pulse
    • Psionic Lash
  • Reapers
    • P-38 Pistols
    • D-8 Charges
    • G-4 Cluster Bombs
    • Jet Pack
    • Nitro Boost
  • Ghosts
    • Lockdown
    • Snipe
    • EMP Shot
    • Nuclear Strike
    • Personal Cloaking
    • Moebius Reactor
    • Ocular Implants
    • Crius Suits
    • Cellular Reactor
    • Psi-Round
    • Energy Radar
  • Medics
    • Heal
    • Restoration
    • Optical Flare

Land VehiclesEdit

  • Mobile utility lunar excavator
  • Vulture-class hover bikes
    • Ion II Thrusters
    • Spider mines
    • AGP-2 "Thumper" grenade launcher
    • Cerberus Mines
    • Replenishable Magazines
  • Hellion-class armored cars
    • Infernal flamethrower
    • Infernal Pre-igniter
    • Twin-Linked Flamethrowers
    • Thermite Filaments
    • Battle hellions
  • Diamond-class hover tanks
    • Tri-Lithium Power Cell
    • Shaped Hull
  • Crucio-class siege tanks
    • Siege/Tank mode
    • 90-mm twin cannons
    • 120-mm shock cannon
    • Maelstrom Rounds
    • Shaped Blast
  • Thor-class heavy assault mechs
    • Nuclear Strike
    • Thor's Hammer particle beams
    • 250-mm Strike Cannons
    • Javelin Missile Launchers
    • Immortality Protocol
    • 330-MM Cannons
  • Warhound-class heavy assault mechs
    • Haywire Missiles
  • Goliath-class combat walkers
    • Charon Boosters
    • Autocannon
    • Hellfire AA-scatter missiles
    • Ares-class Targeting System
    • Multi-Lock Weapon Systems

Space/Aerial ForcesEdit

  • Wraith-II-type starfighters
    • 25-mm burst lasers
    • Gemini AA Missiles
    • Apollo Reactor
    • Cloaking Field
    • Tomahawk Power Cells
    • Displacement Shields
  • Viking-type combat fighters/walkers
    • Lanzer torpedoes
    • Twin gatling cannons
    • Ripwave Missiles
    • Phobos-class Weapons System
  • Dropship variants
    • G-228 medical dropships
      • Rapid Deployment Tubes
      • Advanced healing AI
    • Hercules-class dropships
    • Quantradyne APOD-33 dropships
  • AH/G-24 Banshee Tactical Aircraft
    • Backlash Rockets
    • Cloaking Field
    • Shockwave Missile Battery
    • Cross-Spectrum Dampeners
  • Raven-class support drones
    • Detector
    • Auto-Turret
    • Seeker Missile
    • Point Defense Drone
    • Corvid Reactor
    • Durable Materials
  • Storm-class battlecruisers
    • ATA Laser Batteries
    • ATS Laser Batteries
    • Neosteel
    • Yamato Cannon
    • Weapon Refit
    • Behemoth Reactor
    • Missile Pods
    • Defensive Matrix
    • Redline Reactor
    • Protoss-like shields
    • Plasma torpedoes
  • Fleet Battlestations
    • ATA Laser Batteries
    • ATS Laser Batteries
    • Dry Docks
  • Explorer-class Science Vessels
    • Defensive Matrix
    • EMP Shockwave
    • Irradiate
    • Valkyrie-type variants
      • Valkyrie-type missile frigates
        • H.A.L.O. cluster rockets
      • Valkyrie-type gunships
        • Gun cutter?

Known membersEdit

Request flag of united earth fed by generalhelghast-d58nlsz UEF MembersEdit

U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Pacific insignia MFE MembersEdit

  • Private and Chief Warrant Commander Five Grant V. Sherman; Founder of the Marine Forces Equestria, assault-machine gunner class and Commander-in-Chief - M4A1 Grenadier w/ Holographic, M240 SAW Heartbeat w/ Grip and Hybrid Sight (UEF, Equestria, and NLR-affiliated)
  • Captain Colonel and Petty Officer Vladimir Makarov aka The First Horseman and Kingfish; Sherman's Second-in-Command and assault class - M4A1 Suppressed
  • Major Sergeant and Chief Warrant Commander Six Jonathan PJ Johnson; Major Commander and Assault class - M4A1 SOPMOD
  • Major Captain Dimitri Harkov Petrenko; Map pointer, assault and machine gunner class - PKP Pecheneg and AK-47 Grenadier
  • Lieutenant Captain Andrey Harkov Petrenko aka Fast Talking Boozing Andy, Andy Motormouth, etc.; Fast Ranter and Talker, Spec Ops and Shotgunner class - AKS-74u and SPAS-12
  • Second Private Grant P. Jonathan; Sniper class - Any kind of sniper rifles
  • Specialist Private Grant Francis aka Stalker-3; Assault class - M4A1 Grenadier
  • Corporal Alexei Petrenko; Machine Gunner and Assault class - RPD and AK-74
  • Engineer Lieutenant Yura Bodanov Petrenko aka Yura the Reverse Engineering Guy; Spec Ops and Assault class - Skorpion and AK-47 Grenadier w/ Holographic
  • Captain Richard Foster; Commander of the 22nd SAS Regiment

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