UEF Chemical Reactor "Volk" Failure Crisis, also known as the Chemical attacks on Equestria, was a disastrous crisis that Reactor Volk has power surge, being overcharged, and explosions, by the cause Discord's chaos ruined multiple MFESD troops' equipments, vehicles, aircraft, helos, and others.

MFESD Arrival on PonyvilleEdit

The rest of the Marine Forces Equestria - Detachment Satory were going to find the bunker which leads to the Volk Reactor. The catacombs was located in Ponyville, where Discord and all saw them. The team, consisted of only Major Petrenko, Commander Sherman, Andy, Mak, Corporal Petrenko, Private Passay, Stalker-3, Captain Richard Foster, Hawkins, Wilkins, Mark Schweiters, Sergeant Casey, Lima Team, Advance Team Charlie, Staff Sergeant Scarlet, Major Commander Jonathan, Lieutenant Lebance, they are a 20-man team. They followed them on hot pursuit, but they found them trying to pull something. When they help them, an MFE commander thanks them, but they ask him.

Twilight Sparkle: What are you doing here?

MFESD Trooper: We're busy!
Applejack: Tell us something about that catacombs!
Rainbow Dash: YEAH! And tell us why do ya'll want to enter into that stupid catacombs?! You commander, were so stupid!
Commander Five: Je suis désolé, this is why we have come here to avert our major disaster - the Volk Failure desaster...
- Conversations between MFESD Troops and Equestrians

They know that they have to avert the MFESD troops' disaster from spreading Western Equestria. They followed them Into what appears to be the bunker/catacombs. They begin to ask them what happened. The MFE Commander doesn't heard them and they went to stop that all lights were dead. No radiations in the bunker, and only five or ten light sources only. Unicorns and alicorns light their horns while the MFE Commander and troops used NVGs and helmet flashlights. The same time, they finally asked him.

Twilight Sparkle:Hey, what's your--

Commander: Twenty man standing.
AJ: Okay, now where are y'all going exactly?
To the bunker.
Pinkamena Diane Pie: To party? I'LL BRING MY PARTY CANNON!
WAIT! Please listen! We were averting a major disaster in which a UEF Chemical Reactor, callsign "Volk", was destroyed by--
TS: Discord's antics and chaos?
MFESD Trooper:That is correct.
We are averting in order to continue. If not, the chemical gas will spread towards Western Equestria.
Rarity/Fluttershy/Rainbow Dash: What are you?
United Earth Federation Military Forces Equestria. Our headquarters is near the Midnight Castle. That's our main HQ. Detachment Satory - i lead MFE Forces to victory.
Daring-Do: Hey wait! Where's the rest of the MFE?
A chemical gas hit our barracks at Satory las night. Most of my men died with in minutes.
Daring-Do: A friend of mine escaped was at Satory there.
Je suis désolé (I'm sorry), this is why Volk must pay for what he's done.
Applebloom/Elizabeth Fleur de Lis: Je suis également désolé (I'm also sorry), c'est pourquoi Volk doit payer pour ce qu'il a fait. (this is why Volk must pay for what he's done)
You've got French voice / fancy voice.
- Conversation between the team and Equestrians.

They begin to find it until a group of ten soldiers were heading towards the team. They said that an excavator has arrived with the rest of MARFOREQ - Detachment Moscow. The team then leaves the group while they went to find the rest of Moscow Detachment. They followed the team as they saw the entire MARFOREQ Detachment Moscow, trying to put explosives. The group tells them that some super mutants and ghouls were escaping and fighting each other. Overlord tells them that two trump cards are heading this way. The two trump cards was a hive tyrant/ultralisk hybrid and Ivax, a Thor-class heavy assault mechanic. The trump cards destroys every ghouls they encountered and destroyed the prison which holds Fallout 3 Mutants and ghouls.