The United Earth Directorate Defense Corridor Alpha, otherwise known as the UED Koprulu Corridor, is a UED controlled corridor. It was established after UED Admiral Borealis Norsoutha, commander of the UED expeditionary fleet, established a corridor in the Koprulu Sector, an act that would give the UED a place. It is composed of Abaddon, the Tarsonis system, The Baker's Dozen, and Zenn. It is currently under the sovereign authority of the United Earth Directorate and guarded by UED expeditionary forces.


Controlled systemsEdit

  • Astrid system
  • Cruxas system
  • Tarsonis system
  • The Baker's Dozen

Controlled worldsEdit

  • Abaddon
  • Agria
  • Astrid III
  • Braxis Alpha
  • Cruxas III
  • Shi
  • Tarsonis (capital world)
    • Ender
    • Orson
    • Treason
    • Worthing
  • Zenn



  • UED Base Lark's Crossing

Braxis AlphaEdit

  • Antiga Shipyards
  • Braxis Alpha Shipyards
  • UED Base Braxis Alpha


  • UED Military Base Shi 2


  • Tarsonis City
    • Norsoutha Palace
    • Psi Disrupter area
    • Second Overmind area
    • UED Command Center
  • Tarsonis orbit
    • Nova Station
    • Tarsonis Shipyards


  • Multiple UED bases

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