United Earth Coalition 1st Military Expeditionary Force
Active January 12, 2123
Allegiance Template:FlagUEC United Earth Coalition
Branch Template:FlagUEC United Earth Coalition
Type Combined arms expeditionary/military pacification fleet
Size 2,725,900
Nickname "Interstellar Liberators"
Motto "Fighting For The Peace"
Colors Black (Aldith)

Tan (1st MEF)

Equipment List of equipment of the UEC Armed Forces
Decorations Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal

Navy and Marine Corps Expeditionary Medal
Bronze Gammadons
Crux de Valor

Commander-in-Chief Template:FlagUEC Field Captain Borealis Norsoutha
Second-in-Command Template:FlagUEC Field Lieutenant Ushanka Zoborov

Template:FlagUEC Petty Lieutenant Aldith

Third-in-Command Template:FlagUEC General Bradley

Template:FlagUEC General Griffon
Template:FlagUEC General Thorn

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The United Earth Coalition 1st Military Expeditionary Force is the combined arms expeditionary/military pacification force sent during several conflicts. The 1st MEF were comprised of United States Joint Strike Force battalions, European Federation Enforce Corps battlegroups, Russian Federation Spetsnaz Guard Brigades and several armed forces units.


The 1st Military Expeditionary Force were formed after the Confederacy of Independent Systems military were attempting to "liberate" the Solar System from the Galactic Republic, despite not a part of the GR. Upon arriving there, the Separatist Droid Army begins to attack several "Galactic Republic-controlled" cities, towns, and villages. However, the Earth militaries somehow strikes them back, declaring themselves not a part of the Galactic Republic nor the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

After a message from a 13-year-old civilian from Equestria, Borealis Norsoutha, that the CIS and the GR might attack the Solar System, much to all of the nations' shock. This caused the United Earth Coalition to form from the United Nations, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Collective Security Treaty Organization, Shanghai Cooperation Organization, and several others. There, they decided to take on the Grand Army of the Republic and the Separatist Droid Army.

After suffering large numbers of casualties to them, it was not until ten years later Borealis Norsoutha and his allies, supporters, and former opposition managed to form a more powerful expeditionary/military pacification force. With that, he managed to reduces from 1,257,789 to the hundreds. Adopting a more proactive military policy regarding hostile affairs by newly-promoted Field Captain Borealis Norsoutha, their mission was to:

  1. Take control of every "CIS- or GR-affiliated" colonies and take their planetary governors down.
  2. Pacify or destroy those who refused and opposed the UEC and its Divinity of Harmony.
  3. Destroy the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems from attacking the Solar System.

Actions in the Clone WarsEdit

Arriving at the war-torn systems undetected, Captain Borealis and Lieutenant Ushanka begins to invade a world which was chosen by Lieutenant Aldith, who is an ex-Team Plasma member. She says that this world must be invaded in order to learn its secrets. Captain Borealis agrees with it as he tells her to get their forces ready.

List of soldiers and equipmentEdit


  • Ghosts riflemen squads
  • Pioneer engineering squads


  • M5A2 Schwarzkopf main battle tanks
  • C1A5 Archon command and control vehicles
  • M1A1 Abrams main battle tanks
  • Stryker infantry fighting vehicles
  • M118 Fastback infantry fighting vehicles
  • M320 Spartan self-propelled mobile artillery
  • AH-80 Blackfoot stealth attack helicopters

Support vehiclesEdit

  • V-25 Goshawk double tilt-rotor light transports
  • V-120 Valkyrie quad-tilt-rotor heavy transports
  • A-20 Razorback spaceborne fighter/bomber aircraft
  • PD-6 Rottweiler defense drones
  • MQ-3 Scryer unmanned airborne vehicles


  • A-20 Razorback spaceborne fighter/bomber aircraft
  • Quantradyne APOD-33 light dropships
  • Hercules-class heavy transport dropships
  • Valkyrie-type missile frigates
  • Borealis-class battlecruisers

1st MEF battalionsEdit

  • 1st Assault Battalion - A battalion consisted of several veterans. Currently led by Captain Borealis Norsoutha and his assistants.
  • 3rd Tactical Battalion - The Command & Control element of the Battalion are ready to directly reinforce or support its other combat elements.
  • 5th Armored Battalion - The 5th Armored is responsible for providing armored assets as well as anti-armor systems and expertise in the employment.
  • 8th Assault Battalion - JSF commanders are granted an enormous amount of flexibility and autonomy in their command because they get the job done in any way possible.
  • 13th Airborne Battalion - An elite air-mobile force trained in a wide variety of insertion techniques including fast rope and HALO jumps.
  • 14th Assault Battalion - Specializes in providing combat power by utilizing maneuver, armor protected firepower, and shock action in order to close with and destroy the enemy.
  • 15th Special Operations Battalion - The Special Operations Battalion is among the most highly-trained elements of an already elite force.
  • 16th Armored Battalion - A forward-deployed cavalry centric force capable of conducting offensive and selected special operations under any environmental conditions.
  • 22nd Tactical Battalion - This air-ground task force is designed to thoroughly exploit the combat power inherent in air and ground assets by closely integrating them into a single force.
  • 23rd Mechanized Battalion - The Battalion is composed of rapidly deployable heavy infantry and transports able to perform a variety of conventional and special operations missions.
  • 26th Mechanized Battalion - Ready to conduct a broad range of missions across the operational continuum the 26th is a classic example of the ‘Joint Strike Force’ concept of maneuver warfare.
  • 35th Airborne Battalion - An elite air mobile force trained to rapidly deploy to combat areas with precision and speed, they also utilize Ah-80 Blackfoot gunships and snipers.

Known PersonnelEdit

Command/Support PersonnelEdit

Battalion CommandersEdit

  • Major General Nathanial Goudie - Commander of the 15th Special Operations Battalion. He is counted as perhaps the most skilled commander within the JSF and the UEC Armed Forces.
  • Col. Roger P. Funk
  • Col. Jordan Taylor
  • Col. Nick Salvatore
  • Col. Joseph J Gonzalez
  • Col. Marcus Brown
  • Col. Steven B. Dersnah
  • Col. Mike Kim
  • Col. Paul Smith
  • Col. Michael Haney
  • Col. Dmitri Williams
  • Col. Ishan West
  • General Smith
Name Role Status Specialty
Template:FlagUEC Field Captain Borealis Norsoutha Commander of the UEC 1st MEF Alive Expeditionary warfare
Template:FlagUEC Field Lieutenant Ushanka Mosin Zoborov Second-in-command of the UEC 1st MEF Alive Scientific research
Template:FlagCombine Lieutenant Aldith Intelligence and support officer of the 1st MEF Alive Intelligence



  • The 1st MEF and its superiors are the only ones to have tilt-rotor aircraft.
  • They also used tracked locomotions on the ground, from drones to command vehicles.
  • All personnel and battalions above - Aldith and JSF commanders - came from Pokemon and EndWar, respectively, due to Scarlet's Universe.

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