The Universal Space Protector, U.S.P. Or Universal Protectors. U.P. (August 13th, 1800 - January 3rd, 2166 ) Is A Large Organization Founded In Deep Space By Rivera, In an attempt to Stop Piracy and Crimes From All over The Universe Of Hora. Mega Jerora Rivera was Indeed among the U.P. Mega was Joined the U.P. as It was just getting established On August 13th, of 1800 but went entirely Rouge On the Organization after Refusing to return the MR.43 Class Star Cruiser In 1968 deliberately declaring The War Of The 43. Despite winning the War and managing to keep the 43, He Eventually Retired In 2009 after Finally at Last Losing The War On an attempt on staying on the force. The U.P. Went Bankrupt After the Star Massacre On January 3rd, of 2166, Due to the destruction that was being done all around Hora, by the R.F.F.S.7. and when their Head Quarters was destroyed along with all of the Profits in the station at the time.

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