Twilight Sparkle
Twilight Sparkle after drying herself S1E03
Vital statistics
Title Apprentice
Gender Female
Race Unicorn
Faction Equestria
Health  ??
Level  ??
Status Alive
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Twilight Sparkle was a unicorn in Equestria, she seems to have a faithful eye on the Expeditionary Commander. She was the apprentice of Princess Celestia, but was later replaced by Nightmare Moon in Night's favored Child. She was capable of writing a friendship report for Celestia.


Twilight Sparkle
Twilight Sparkle after drying herself S1E03
Kind Unicorn
Sex Female
Occupation Apprentice of Celestia
More info
Eyes Template:Colorsquare
Mane Template:Colorsquare
Coat Template:Colorsquare
Cutie mark
Pink-purple six-pointed star surrounded by 5 small white stars
As long that she's Celestia's student, the Admiral was also the mentor of Major Chukov Petrenko - The Disturbed One. Twilight will also go crazy, if she did write a report for her mentor, Princess Celestia.

Rivera Federation War Edit


  • She is the only one who writes friendship reports, the other being Admiral Grant using a typewriter for his security and surveillance reports.
  • She was afraid of bats, bees, and snakes, along with Gummy, a toothless alligator.
    • The same thing which made Grand President Paffendoft Petrenko, who has a Bunnyphobia, because of some rats, but Harkov ordered Admiral Grant to kill the rats by saying "KILL IT ADMIRAL!".
  • She was encountered by the Navy Admiral, this time he wears the USMC/MARSOC Combat Utility Uniform in Black, while in her Alicorn drone form.
  • She was weakened but not yet dead, due to The Great and Powerful Trixie, now resurrected as The Goddess.
    • Admiral Grant, was a Chief Warrant Commander 5, the highest rank of all which he ever had, encounters the Twilight-type Alicorn drone.
    • She was met by the Warrant Commander, who has a callsign, Twilight One-Four, Foxtrot Alpha was Foxtrot's former callsign. Foxtrot's name was Grant Gerard DuGalle Calliope.
  • She was also attacked but was reverse-enginnered by Foxtrot, the number of reasons in the Galactic Revolution.
  1. She and her friends was attackedbut was escorted by Foxtrot's unit, Strike Team Three.
  2. After she's an alicorn drone, several wars and days later, all especially her, was met by the Directorate Flagship, the Directorate Storm Ship, Aleksander.
  3. She was captued by Strike Team Three but was later reverse-engineered by the Time Machine Foxtrot ever used.
  • She was known to have Feelings for Horace Rivera, as she shown many romantic signs towards him, when he returned in 2172...
  • She also shows sighns of Jealousy when Rivera is being flirted by Rainbow Dash, and Applejack who also shows a romantic side towards him...

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