The Tragedies of Cloudsdale was known after Cloudsdale was turned into Fort Belgium, an FS7 Sky Prison. The fort itself was attacked by the UEF Battle Fleet and the UED Battle Fleet, during the final months of the The War On Equestria, On December 2nd, 2175.

War Crimes At Fort Belgium Edit

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The cruelness, and torturous ways of Fort Belgium, would leave about 78% Of the Pegasus Species of Equestria dead, along with another total of about 20% of them being murdered by FS7 Guards. Sometimes Ponies were willing to fake their own deaths, hoping to be carried out and left on the pile of corpses rotting outside the prison gates, so that they could run off after dark, towards the skyline, but these antics would often fail all the time leading these Ponies to die anyway. Many Pegasus risked crossing the dead line to scale the Giant Steel Walls, but even those few who made it over to the top would be fired from the MG.42 fire at the very top.

Some of the Pegasus as well would lose hope and would move over the deadline as suicide in an attempt to escape Fort Belgium's Cruel Antics, many new born Colts, and Fillies became target Practice for FS7 Guards in the use of MG.42's, ARK-78's, and R.74's, causing the parents to commit suicide over the death of their newly beloved Pegasus and Pegasai's that were born, only to be executed by the FS7. Some of the Fillies, and Colts if they were to survive Target Practie would later be skinned alive, just for FS7 Amusement.

The Break OutEdit

On July 24th 2175 A large group of joint Prisoners, both Humans and Ponies alike began construction on a secret tunnel way in hopes of digging under the Steel walls, and escape towards the Skyline where they would glide back down towards Equestria below, and try and escape into Allied lines, which at the time was about 80,000 Miles out.

The escape is attempted one night, and all goes well until the last man is spotted and shot, and all of Cloudsdale is unleashed. In a very short time, most escapees are back in the camp and are hanged, by there wings as punishment, on large hooks.

The Belgium UprisingEdit

The antics of The FS7's brutal war crimes would later cause so much anger into the heart of Princess Celestia, her little sister, and the UED.

This caused the Pegasus ponies to revolt the FS7's direct rule and follow Admiral Richardson's morale - "You all think you lose, you all just lossed your loved ones, you've lost everything! No one's going to lose everything they had! Put aside your differences! Show this damned beasts THE TRUE MEANING OF SACRIFICE! This is for your loved ones! This is for your nation! This is for your ponies! This, is the day where you all will fight...... FOR FREEDOM! Fight for your loved ones, for your land, and for your glorious nation! URA!" All his morale shows the Pegasi the meaning of sacrifice, as his morale said. Admiral Richardson's flagship, the DSS Hammerhead, has ordered the Pegasi's loved ones to enter the battlecruisers while he and his men will fight to the death until every machines were dead. The Rebellion was lead by Rivera, in the opening months of 2175, and were known to have a huge success of the FS7, in breaching the military Barracks, destroying any android they spot, but a massive FS7 counter attack crushed the uprising in a large massacre, which drove the Prisoners, back into the Stadium, where they were locked down, and threatned death if they uprised again. Ever since than the FS7 shunted all networks from the ground, cutting away all contact with Princess Celestia, and the UEF.

During the climax of the battle, one of the Battle Fleet soldiers witnessed Nillia given birth to a colt named Stanly, but they witnessed FS7 androids barging in and demands where the colt was hiding. However, something goes off which reveals to be an outraged soldier - armed with an M240 - who fires at the androids before they shot her. This man was punished by Scale Ripping, and was thrown outside the Skyline, where he would later be remembered by all Prisoners as the Hero of Equestria.

Word Spreads Of 78% Of Equestria LiberatedEdit

Celebration After Word Is OutEdit

Liberation Of Fort Belgium...2175 Edit

Aftermath Edit

Trivia' Edit

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