United Nazi War Summit

The UNW Sitdown in Canterlot in 2013...

The United Nazi War Summit also known as The UNW Summit Was a major sit down in Canterlot during Nazi Germany's invasion of Equestria in 2013. The summit was done immiedailty after Princess Luna was snatched.

The Sitdown Edit

Rivera summoned the Summit, immiedailty after Princess Luna's capture, where him Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Godzilla, Israel, and Rarity began too discuss numurus ways in trying too bring back the princess of the night. However, two human Marines - Grant Dimitri Victor Sherman (between Platinum and Puddinghead), Navy Captain and Commander of the United States Fourth Marine Expeditionary Force and Vladimir Aleksander Makarov (between Hurricane and Puddinghead), Colonel and second-in-command of the US 4th Marine Expeditionary Force - have informed them about the Nazis planning to capture Princess Luna, but Rivera responsds saying that the Nazi's had already snatched her, after they idiotically became fools for actually falling for false Surrender negotiations. With a matter of luck the six of them hears the two Marines' information, they decided to let the United States Fourth Marine Expeditionary Force handle the Nazis. The two marines decided to lead remnants of the Royal Equestrian Army and the 4th Marines to handle the threat. These led to the events of the Battle for Canterlot

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