Tom & Jerry War... (1991 - 1993)
Tom and jerry are mib by natal ee a-d2wnila
Date: August 18th, 1991 - September 15th, 1993
Region: North America
Status: U.N. Victory...
  • Moses Empire Dismantled...
  • Jerry Mouse under Cartoon Arrest for 20 years...
  • North America regained...
  • Tom and Jerry experience war for the first time in Reality...
  • The Era of Space travel begins for Earth...
War Years: 1991-1993
Creator:  2091riveraisrael

The Tom & Jerry War also known as The Cat & Mouse Conflict, was a 2 and a half year war in the early 90's Era between Legendary Slap Stick cartoon Characters Tom & Jerry, who which Jerry had grown a massive Empire in 1991, and launched an all out attack and Invasion against the Earth, and occupied all of North America, forcing most of the Human and Cat Population to vacate too the Moon, but the UCF had managed to counter attack and reclaim North America and conqure Neptune in the following years.

The Cat & Mouse Conflict was known to be the first offical war in the history of Man, to represent Space and Orbital Warfare, including the Invasion of other Planets.

This one little war that occured in the early 1990's would later bring about the creation of the Terran Federation, United Earth Federation, and other major space Powers that would erupt several hundred years in the future.

Prior to the Events Edit

In 1978, the Vietnam War had managed to wipe out much of the Telivision News stations in which forced Jerry and Tom out of work Temporarly, Though Tom was willing to wait it out, Jerry the Mouse not forgiving Highland for his wickedness against the Innocents of South Vietnam decides to Leave Earth and he later crash lands on Neptune, where in the next 13 years, he manages to create and raise his own Imperial Army with him as the master General In command, however the Vietnam War ended in 1984, roughly 7 years before his military power was created, which would later force Jerry to strike Earth in an attempt to end all war in history and also take control of the Tom and Jerry Series.

In response, The Moses Empire banded together to create the Astro 7 an Asteroid especially designed to crash into the Earth's crust and cause a Nuclear Winter.

It was built south of the Major Star line between Neptune and Pluto, and was eventually escorted to Earth along side 39 Class Moses Imperial Cruisers. On July 8th, of 1991, the asteroid split into multiple fragments on its approach and rained down on the planet.

Astro 7 was destroyed entirely during Impact, but performed as well as it could, but a large number of fragments impacted the planet, causing mass devastation.

In the aftermath of Astro 7, the nations of America and Canada, in a coalition known as the NACU, agreed to take in a certain quota of civilian refugees.

However, sometime in 1991, Jerry had learned of the failed Asteroid Impact and instead decided to just Invade and conquer North America, the major superpower of the entire Planet Earth.

However he would never know that his former Telivison Partner, Tom the Cat was also in the Marines but was ranked as a leader as large portion of the North American Armies, this would never be discovered until 1993.

The War Edit

Invasion of EarthEdit

Suddenly, in August of 1991, The Moses Empire launched a military campaign to invade Earth and Take control of North America. The NACU warned the Empire to back out by September 14, or else there would be retaliation.

Rumors began to circulate that the army that was Invading North America was nothing more but a bunch of large Mice and small mice put togehter armed with very powerful guns tanks, Fighters Space Ships and Startfighters. In preparation, the NACU re-formed United Canadian Federation, a military and economic coalition of countries on the North American Continent.

Moses launched a surprise attack on the UCF forces at their newly-formed GHQ in New York City, in with the Moses Empire began to later Occupy New Jersey and much of New England in just under 8 days. Because they were caught off-guard and could not maintain air superiority, due to the advance starfighters Dropships and gunships that Jerry produced 14 years back and was forced to retreat.

UCF attempted an operation consisting of their finest pilots to destroy Carson 8, but it was thwarted by Jerry's most Elite and infamous 500th Tactical Fighter Wing (Mouse Squadron). At this point, UCF made a full retreat into Space of all of its forces, with the use of Cape Canaveral regrouping at their new GHQ On the Moon. It was from here that command was given to Tom, for controlling the Moon's defenses and launch multiple Raids on Earth With the use of newly developed Star Wing Fighters that were constructed in the months following North America's fall.

Jerry's Attempts to Attack the MoonEdit

United Nation InterventionEdit

After North America's fall on December 31st of 1991, and the Evacuation of all UCF forces including Refugees, most of the United Nations had attempted to reclaim the Continent from the Moses Empire, but each attempt failed Miserably and were easily Repelled by the Moses Empire, by March 3rd, Jerry attempted to attack the Moon, by sending a large fleet of one of his finest warships into space in order to crush what was left of the UCF.

Following one victory after another against the United Nations, Jerry than sent a large Raiding Party World Wide to attack UN Instilations and Oil refineries around the world which would later cripple the Economies of All Continents Except for Europdoia, (Europe in Earth Langauge). These raids would further prevent another strike from the United Nations until the major Decent of 1993.

First Battle of the MoonEdit

After a long period of sporadic fighting, Jerry sent a team of secret agents to destroy UCF's early warning system, allowing a his fleet to deploy from Cape Canaveral (a former UCF facility). In opposed towards the attack, Tom ordered all remaning units to defend the moon and the launch of he new Star Star Fighters.

UCF launched their remaining fighters, along with a couple of new pilots, to take down the Cruisers before they heavily damaged newly constructed moon base. The operation was a success, giving UCF a temporary breather.

Attack on Cape CanaveralEdit

A month later, Tom ordered the Star Wings to go on the offense testing route and scrambled his fighters to destroy Cape Canaveral before Jerry could deploy the remainder of his fleet into Space.

The cruisers were caught on the ground, and the fighters managed to complete the mission successfully, passing the Grade A Military rank of Gravitational surfaces and Attack patterns.

Evacuation of Remaining UCF ForcesEdit

UCF then made preparations to get all of their remaining ground troops that were still fighting in Canada to the Moon from the Yukon Territory, using assistance from Tom's new fighters who managed to disable Moses's radar facilities atop Mount Helen.

With the ground troops back, Tom and the rest of UCF made preparations for a counter-attack.

Tom's Attempts to Counter AttackEdit

Deployment of the Ark FleetEdit

Responding to their victories, an annoyed Jerry planned a new card in his War Machine plans for victory and deployed their Ark Fleet, rumored to be invincible, to destroy UCF's GHQ on the Moon.

The fleet's power was immense, far too much for even Tom to handle directly, so they attacked from behind the scenes.

Raids In North AmericaEdit

The fleet was forced to land and dock at Ontario Canada, giving Tom and the rest of UCF a perfect opportunity. UCF's fighters first targeted Jerry's aerial supply routes, shooting down all transport planes in the area.

They then targeted the petrochemical complex supplying the fleet, which was a partial failure due to Mouse Squadron, who managed to shoot down a few UCF fighters.

However, these operations were successful in immobilizing the Ark Fleet preventing them from leaving the ground, due to lack of fuel and resources, giving the remaining Star Wing fighters the perfect chance to attack.

Destruction of the Ark FleetEdit

The entire Ark Fleet, still docked in Ontario, was destroyed on November 23, 1992. A few weeks later, even among the newly developed super cannon Carson 8, attacking from 300 miles away, UCF's fighters also managed to incapacitate their solar-powered generator plant at Mcarthur Park in the Ruins of Los Angeles.

This continued success gave UCF a huge window of opportunity to turn the war around.

Return to Earth Edit

Second Battle of the MoonEdit

A preliminary operation was formed to launch a military satellite from UCF's newly developed launch facility on the Moon, to track Moses Imperial troop movements and determine the best method to counter-attack.

Despite a large-scale air battle over the Moon, including a force of Moses Imperial B3-2A Spirit bombers as well as Mouse Squadron's reappearance, the satellite launched without a hitch.

Returning to the SurfaceEdit

Operation: Landown was the official name of the landing operation performed by UCF's troops on the North American Continent in New Jersey, Ara, Anacora and Crowne beaches, the only suitable landing spot not in Carson's range of attack. UCF ground, and air troops were all assembled for this large-scale operation, and, despite numerous casualties, came out victorious and established a beachhead.

Tom became the hero as New Jeresy's Eastern Tip was eventually reclaimed, by the UCF, but not fully counted as a suiteple Cictory due to only a small amout of land that was reclaimed

Tom's next step in taking back North America was to kick the Moses Empire out of New York City, former GHQ.

Even with the difficulty presented by the The ruined City of New York, along with Carson's intermittent attacks, UCF's fighters managed to destroy a majority of Jerry's forces, allowing the ground troops an easier fight to take back the fortress. A forward HQ was established to spearhead into the mainland, begin taking back more land, and destroy Carson, all to end the war soon, 12 weeks after these Events it was than discovered that Jerry was the mster mind of this entire Conflict and had to be brought to Justice, in which Tom agreed that he would do it himself.

Reclamation of North AmericaEdit

Invasion of NeptuneEdit

Catching JerryEdit

Main article: The Great Chase

Aftermath Edit

Trivia Edit

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