Sorian Massacre
Sorian massacre by meowjar-d31l48e


November 25th, 2179

Massacre Sites:

  • Tokyo Japan (40,900,000 Dead)
  • Hiroshima (70,000,000 Dead)
  • New York City (70,000 Dead)
  • Washington D.C. (100,400,000 Dead)
  • Moscow: (70,999,000 Dead)


5:00PM - 11:30PM


Milky Way




  • Lead to the Death Of many Humans Mostly In Japan and In the United States...
  • Began the horrifying Rage of the Human S Of Planet Earth Including Mother Earth Herself...

Military Perpetrators:

Federation Strike 7...

Initiated By:

Dictator Highland Rivera...

The Tokyo Massacre was said to be the most Devastating blow to Mankind during the Years of the Rivera Federation War On Earth, with a grand total of over 1,000,000 Dead and another 98,000,000,000 Tortured than Executed by the merciless Machines of the Federation Strike 7 Or MoonWalkers for short. The Massacre marked the Earth's Rage and later lead to their Invasion Of Rivera During the final Events of the Rivera Federation War On June 7th, 2209.

Prelude Edit

The Massacre Edit

Highland, Gunghollow and Hallwoiea Williams, and Shadow Horde were enraged and ordered the forces of the Federation Strike 7 to show no quarter to the people of Tokyo Japan. The effects began At Fuji Square when the Rivera Federation forces opened fired on a group of POW's that were captured from the past during the battle. The Massacre than spread ed throughout all of the city of Tokyo and later throughout the whole country, than later the whole planet. This act of Genocide was known as the Tokyo Massacre & was later called By the Federation Strike 7 Milirary Garrison as the Sorian Massacre.

The worst one however occurred in front of The ruins of Tokyo's Capital Building after Juna Mitsuki and Ben Jani have escaped with the FS7 plans of attack, brutally ticking them off. 10 hours After Juna and Ben's escape the Rivera Federation Seized control of Tokyo and began to commit Massacres on each street and block of Tokyo that they capture. Shark Predators finish off any of the survivors as Rudder-1's pumble M.79's to the ground Star Fighters fly over head. Raiders drop off all reinforcements all over the city and Grunt's stormed the streets shooting anything that was in the shadows, including breakin into Civilian Homes and taking them out without much mercy. During a Violent storm much of the city became a mixture of Smoke dust and Fog which made it almost impossible to see anything including your very own hand even if you were to hold it out right in front of your own face. It was very unfair for the people of Earth because the Rivera Federation Forces had Thermal Vision on both Moonwalker Infantry legs and Vehicle as well especially the ones that spend most of their time in the sky and in the Sea. Some of The Rivera Federation Broke Into Houses In the Suburbs Of Hiroshima And Forced Citizens Out To Be Shot outside from right in front of their own door step. Many of the Citizens realized that they were not safe any where and decided to try and pick up arms and use it for self defense if the Rivera Federation should hit them next, but other less the other Citizens were sadly victims of the Tokyo Massacre.

Massacre Outside Tokyo Edit

orders from Highland himself also hesitated in the execution of a world wide massacre that was known to the FS7 as the Sora Massacre, almost every single one of the Continentals commanders along with their Girls carried them out without question or hesitation, but with much more amusement. On countless Continents across Earth Including all of her colonial planets, Civilians, militia and Military prisoners of War who wished to surrender were cut down by MoonWakers. The humans, who had been spread throughout the Earth and all of her colonies have been completely wiped out in the Millions, where nearly a third of mankind were all caught totally unaware and easily gunned down In there own homes and bases that were under attack by the MoonWalkers. With Mankinds Death tolls in the Millions many citizens began to hide against the surging MoonWalkers but where ever they went they were always found and killed.

Journal Of the 89 Star LegionEdit

"After We had arrived In Tokyo, the androids of the 89 Star's were ordered to terminate any Human Alive within the ruins of Tokyo Japan, that's just what we did... We had a great laugh as we shot at these worthless parasites, we even made a tournament to see which one of the 89 Star's could terminate the most humans, with each one of these Parasites we shot the more we were feared, and the more they back downed from rising up against us... However our time was later transferred into a War Zone when a group of Resistance fighters attack a convoy of Rudder - 2's that was being escorted 78th, Division about 12 blocks away... Our mission was than simple, to enter Tayoshi Square, remove these resistance fighters and continue to spread fear among the Human race"

-Pvt. Rohar Gonora 89 Star Legion...

Earth's Revenge Edit

During a stormy night near Near The Ruins Of The Capital Building Of Tokyo The Rivera Federation attacked a small group of Japanese Civilians wiping them out by a Massacre that began to occur all over Tokyo. The people of Earth will never forgive these massacres, and plans to take the fight to the world of the Rivera Federation In the Future if they can ever find out where they came from, fortunately Harrison and Zero managed to return to the ruins of Tokyo where they managed to support the remaining survivors of the Tokyo Massacre in driving the MoonWalker Vigilantes back towards their field HQ about 2 blocks away from The Capital Building, where Zero Medina who has just crashed landed back on Earth after controlling the effects of the Core Spark fires wounding Highland Rivera in the left arm. The Rivera Federation enraged begin to flood the city where Zero was, but he managed to escape by leaping into the Yakuyusi River where he and Harrison were never seen again for the rest of The Tokyo Campaign. To make matters even better before Zero sniped Highland Damaging his Arm Circuits and Several Wires holdin it together.

Aftermath Edit

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