The Search for Daring-Do Series
Writer(s) ScarletMarine
Date published February 5, 2012 (Chapter 1)
Words Unknown
Status In progress, halt in hiatus
Type/genre Romance, grimdark, etc.
Featuring Characters of TGWDL, MLP, and Fallout:Equestria, especially Starcraft
Part of ScarletMarine's fanfiction
Show connection Possibly his former fanfictions

The Search for Daring-Do Series was made by ScarletMarine, a Directorate-type ultranationalist. He owns this fanfiction.


The Search for Daring Do: The Search of King KongEdit

This is Scarlet's first fanfiction. Chapter 1 was made in February 5, 2012. He used chapters as "Parts" because he is dim-weeted.



Since the problems begun in Diarchist Equestria and the Harmonian Space, the Ruling Council of the United Earth Federation and United Earth Directorate has monitored and solves the problem. Having witnessed the training of the Zerg and the civilization of the Protoss through out the entire space, the ruling councils finally agreed to find the one.

Learning that the problems is getting harder upon the World of Harmony, the UEF and the UED send their greatest admirals, Grant Gerard DuGalle Calliope and Gerard DuGalle, to find about her whereabouts. As Jordan and John Bravo to the UEF and UED Fleet under DuGalle and Kelly, your objective is to find about her whereabouts and get here before she will be killed and her name, Daring Do.

The Search for Daring Do: Operation DoomsdayEdit

This is Scarlet's second fanfiction. The introduction was submitted in February 16, 2012 , but this time it used the Call of Duty Wiki's Transcripts-style. It features new enemies: the Zebricans, Camelids, and Neighzis (Which resembles the Nazis). New allies: the Bundeswehr Commander von Drail, Enclave Commander Jefferson, Major Zhukov, Lieutenant general Hershel von Shepherd III, and the United Global Coalition Authority Mack.



Since the deaths of King Kong in Diarchist Equestria was a major setback for a joint coalition victory, another threat has begun. During the events of Fallout: Equestria, the Zebricans, Camelids, and Neighzis teamed up to find legendary treasures. The three will cause major disasters with in Equestria, which has forth calling in Destiny Wing, a UEF and MFE reinforcement unit.

The Ark of the Convenant, Griffin's Goblet and all were stolen in the museum. Learning that it will make them invincible, the UDC sends their greatest admiral/commander, Grant Gerard DuGalle Calliope/Grant Dimitri Victor Sherman, to retake them. As Vladimir Makarov of the MFE-UEF Fleet under Oleg, your objective is to storm the three powers and dispose of their dictator, Arnold Marenst Toth.