The Search for Daring Do
Writer(s) ScarletMarine
Date published January 4, 2012
Status In progress
Type/genre War, World Peace, etc.
Featuring Expeditionary Admiral Grant G. D. Calliope aka "Kelly"/Private and Chief Warrant Commander Five Grant Dimitri Victor Sherman/Young Admiral/Codename: Starbeam/Aleksander

Major Captain Dimitri H. Petrenko
Lt. Captain Andrey H. Petrenko
SSgt. Scarle J. T. Ranger
Daring Do
Mane Six
Admiral Vassily A. Petrenko
Captain Colonel Vladimir A. Makarov

Part of The Search for Daring Do (series)

The Search for Daring Do was a fanfiction made by a peaceful-but friendly capitalist-ultranationalist ScarletMarine. This features the disappearance of the adventurer Daring Do, the appearance of the Coalition Directorate Armed Forces and the existence of the UED Expeditionary Fleet and UEF Expeditionary Fleet, this time, it features the Marine Forces Equestria - Expeditionary Fleet and the Marine Force Equestria - Expeditionary Force.



Since the problems begun in Diarchist Equestria and the Harmonian Space, the Ruling Council of the United Earth Federation and United Earth Directorate has monitored and solves the problem. Having witnessed the training of the Zerg and the civilization of the Protoss through out the entire space, the ruling councils finally agreed to find the one.

Learning that the problems is getting harder upon the World of Harmony, the UEF and the UED send their greatest admirals, Grant Gerard DuGalle Calliope and Gerard DuGalle, to find about her whereabouts. As Jordan and John Bravo to the UEF and UED Fleet under DuGalle and Kelly, your objective is to find about her whereabouts and get here before she will be killed and her name, Daring Do.


The characters were:

Music, Sounds and OST/SoundtracksEdit

  • Looney Tunes - Main Theme (Features all)
  • Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - Main Theme (Repeated)
  • RA3 Soviet March (After Young got dismayed and repeated)
  • Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - Main Theme (repeated)
  • Morituri te Salutant (In the ship/DSS Aleksander)
  • Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - Loyalists (Ending Song at every chapters)
  • Call of Duty 6: Modern Warfare 2 - D.C. Burning (Meeting)
  • Call of Duty 6: Modern Warfare 2 - Burning Heliride (Aerial Forces bombardment)
  • Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - Hunted (After they find Daring Do captured by the jungle cats, however)
  • Globus - Preliator (Young made the Wilhelm Scream all over again)
  • Starcraft 1 - Mission Briefing (Every chapters)
  • E Nomine - Das Omen (The Omen) (Played after Young's rampage was going high)
  • Call of Duty 6: Modern Warfare 2 - US Army Rangers Defeat and Victory Theme (After the rescue)
  • The Wilhelm Scream SX (Used in the Easter Egg description in TSfDD Introduction's)

Funny ConversationsEdit

As said above, Daring Do doesn't believe that she's included in the fanfiction. Which Daring and Young engages in a conversation, only to be disturbed by Jim Raynor and friends. Suddenly, a Wilhelm Scream occured with Young hears it, and said "SUPERMARE AWAY!", a reference to the "Superman AWAY!", which ended with Daring Do saying "Never seen it."

This conversation also had Young saying that he thinks Daring liked him, much to Jim Raynor and friends' annoyance.


  • This was supposed to be named as The Search for Daring Do: The Search of King Kong. However the director must've make it as The Search for Daring Do instead of the TSfDD:TSoKK, possibly makes his mind blown.
  • A fanfiction came out as ScarletMarine creates the Operation Doomsday, the second fanfiction for TSfDD.