The Rapid Power
The Rapid Power Rifle
Manufactured: 2009
Designer: 2091riveraisrael
Industry: Hollow Hill
Range: 900-500,000 Yards,
Volts: 895 Watts
Users: Linkin Park Fans of War
Type: Electrical

The Rapid Power also known as The AK.47 of Rapid Power. was a Rifle created by 2091riveraisrael during the closing of the Second Non Blood War On November 27th, 2009.

History Edit

In the wake of Defeat On November 27th, due to 2091riveraisrael's failure to regain his war effort, and his fan militia going into Dept a second time. 2091 orders all L.F.O.W Forces to stage a defense strategy, expanding from the town Of Sega, to Nero Fields. As the remnants of the L.F.O.W fought hard against Several attacks caused by the United Alliance and United Alliance of Kate Bush's Fans. 2091riveraisrael developed a new kind of Assault rifle, that was known to shoot through any thick walls with a powerful Punching power, with It's design similar to the AK-47. The idea of the AK-47 Design however was later scrapped by 2091riveraisrael as the war was reaching its near end, and was replaced with a random lookin design, that he pulled from out of nowhere in his creative mind. This new Gun was known as the Rapid Power mostly due to It's punching Power, that was known to be stronger than those of an Automatic Barret, and the first rifle in History to ever fire Repeating Electrical volts of Lightning.

The Range of the Rapid Power was known to shoot out a grand total of about 900 Yards, depending on the power of that the rifle is set on. The stronger, the Power the Blast of Electricity might go beyond 900, possibly reaching the 20 to 50 thousands. When strong enough it is even stated that the Rapid Power would have enough punching strength to destroy an Entire Tiger Tank with a single blast, but these effects would often cause the rifle to over heat, slowing down the gunners firing positions, as well as the rifle being more and more difficult to keep Accurate. When the Rapid Power is on at full blast the Gunner must hold onto the Side Grips in order to keep the rifle In range otherwise the Rapid Power could fly back and and either shock the Gunner instead of the Enemy, or fire into the Sky. The Gun's reloading systems is pulling back on the side grips allowing the gun to gain It's charge so it can fire again. Though it has no active cartridge the Rapid Power would often Deplete after certain weeks, and would often have to be replaced by removing the Cartridge and replacing it with new Batteries, which after insertion, and pulling forward on the Handle Grip, the Rifle than sucks the juice out, and produce Power to the Rifle's main Core, allowing it to last for another Week.

Zero & 2091 Restin

2091riveraisrael's hand severely injured from firing the Rapid Power so much, his wounds were known as Severe Burns, that never healed properly due to endless firing of the Power, Zero is on the Left discussing there next move against Nazi Germany...

The Number of Batteries that is used to power the Rapid Power was known to be a grand total of about 7-8 Batteries in order to fit the Rifle's Cartridge, eventually as the years progressed 2091riveraisrael eventually created a power core in order too prevent further use of batteries at the time following the UNW war's end in 2015, during the Third Nero War, the Rapid Power was than able too fire without batteries due too the aide of the core, and was able too re charge after oullin back on the hand grips, but the core would also cause a major downfall in the Power also causing it too over heat, this major downfall in the Power would often injure 2091riveraisrael multiple times as he is eventually shown with lose gloves in the Plague Uprising mostly due too him attempting too hide his burned hands from the Power, as a result 2091 was injured multiple times while using the power in which got Kara, and Mora more and more concerned on the where about of the rifles existence and urged him too switch too guns that fire bullets instead. However 2091 after being used too the Power so much is seen always declining them, only for his wounds too take a turn for the worst.
Shooting of Aerial City

2091riveraisrael firing The Power on the Left, Zero firing an Unknown Assault rifle on the Right, against Nazi forces in Aerial City Main on August 1st, 2013

Despite the successful testing of the Rapid Power, 2091riveraisrael never had the time to create a large stock, mostly due to the war coming towards him with each passing hour. The Rifle was designed to fire Repeated Electrical Bolts at a rate of about 895 Volts. The Power was so Intense that the Electrical Blasts would carve through just about anything it strikes, making it the most feared rifle in Military history.

2091riveraisrael stated that every time he fired the rifle, He would sometimes become blinded by It's intense flash. Due to these flaws 2091 had to always wear sun glasses in ordered to keep himself from going blind from the Rapid Powers intense Rate of fire.

In 2012, Nazi Germany attempted to retrieve the rifle, but failed mostly due to it being under the Protective watch of Kara Leina in Gale Town, at the time of Operation Von Dale in the early weeks on the opening of 2012, resulting into the dissappearence of 2091riveraisrael and the entire hill of Hollow goin dark.

Trivia Edit

  • The Rapid Power was the first Fictional Gun in Military History to not only be developed by a 24, year old, but to also fire Electric blasts of Bolts Repeatedly...
  • The Rapid Power was known to be with Kara Leina, during the time of Operation Von Dale in the Opening Weeks, of 2012...

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