The Plague Of Equestria




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April 18th, 2012

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Somewhere around June or August

The Plague Of Equestria Was a fan fic that was being written by 2091riveraisrael, and was known to be a major FIM Parody of Halo Reach, from Bungie Studios. The Fan Fic is posted on, and

Setting Edit

Equestria in the 22nd century beginning from from 2172 and ending in 2175...

Plot Edit

"It is a normal day In Equestria, but How long will It last when a group of Androids Invade..."

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List of characters in the Plague of Equestria

(* indicates the characters will appear in the remake version)

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Luna's Nightmare FanFic/ Music VideoEdit

Luna's Nightmare FanFic Music

Luna's Nightmare FanFic Music

The Music chosen by 2091riveraisrael, to take part of Luna's Nightmare

Main article: Luna's Nightmare...

Luna's Nightmare Is a written Music Video/FanFic created by 2091riveraisrael, revealing a Tragic horror story about a Nightmare that Princess Luna has had about the FS7 Invasion Of Equestria. The Fanfic was set to take place, before the events of the Plague of Equestira. It was also known to be like a Sequel to the Plague Of Equestria that was created on April 18th, 2012.

An Event taking place Before the Plague of Equestria... Luna has a horrifying Nightmare of the Rivera Federation Federation Strike 7 Invasion, and witness the deaths of everyone she cares about, including her future Husband Horace Rivera, also known as Godzilla 2000, along with his best friend Israel Willoughby who sacrifices himself to save her when the FS7 atempt to finish them both..

Chapter Sighting Edit

  • Chapter 1: Published
  • Chapter 2: Published
  • Chapter 3: Published
  • Chapter 4: Published
  • Chapter 5: Published
  • Chapter 6: Published
  • Chapter 7: In The Works
  • Chapter 8: In The Works
  • Chapter 9: In The Works
  • Chapter 10: In The Works
  • Chapter 11: In The Works
  • Chapter 12: In The Works

Trivia Edit

  • The Plague of Equestria Fan Fic was known to be a Parody to the Battle Of Reach, from the Halo Series created and developed by Bungie...
  • The story was planned by 2091riveraisrael to be known most tragic in Sci fi War History,...
  • The art work that was used to represent the Story was known to be the FS7 Artwork for the Arizona Campaign from 2165-2167...