The Pega War also knowin too the Ponies of Ponyville, as the Pega Wars. Was a large conflict for utter control of Equestria, between Princess Luna, Godzilla Team, the Mane 6 and Princess Celestia against Rivera, and the Principality of Pega, fought between August 8th, 2038 too December 7th, 2039.

Cause Edit

Rise of the Principality of PegaEdit

The OutbreakEdit

The Principality of Pega launched a surprise attack against the Gopher Kingdom, on August 7th, 2038. A large chunk of rock that had been gathered from all over Pega, Cloudsdale, and Pega were dropped on the kindgom extinguishing some of the Gophers, and sending the others running too Equestria. This attack occurred One day after officially declaring war, the Pega used their military trained skills as Pegasus and even developed well equipped energy cross bows in which were a huge thorn in the Gopher Empires side.

After the Successfully strike of Operation Mercenary, Pega forces attacked The Gopher Capital of Quam, Beginning as an attempt to transform the entire Gopher Kingdom into the Principality of Pega, the operation quickly turned into a full scale aerial battle when the majority of the surviving Gophers Forces, commanded by Field Marshal Nym had sent Princess Celesita an urgent call concerning the attack, in which she encountered already by sending a large fleet of Royal guards too the Gopher Kingdom in which they counterattacked.

The Pega more advanced in weaponry quickly made a mockery of the royal guards though they themselves took horrifying losses. Despite being heavily out numbered by the Pega, Godzilla Team eventually showed up and finally halted there advance, forcing the Pega too turn around.

The War Edit

Pega Invasion of EquestriaEdit

Invasion of Griffin KingdomEdit

Invasion of the Dragon KingdomEdit

Battle of CanterlotEdit

Final Years Edit

Battle of Nor CastleEdit

Fall of the Principality of PegaEdit

Aftermath Edit


  • Despite the Gopher Kingdom supposed to appear in both wars, Admiral Calliope said that "the Gopher Kingdom doesn't appear. And it was now an urban legend." This was true because the map of the World of Harmony doesn't have a Gopher Kingdom.

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