The Orbital Star Sister Ships

War Ships Edit

RHM OlympusEdit

  • Launched 20BE,
  • Retired After Rivera Federation War, The Only Surving Ship Of the Orbital Star Fleet...


  • Launched 62BC
  • Destroyed by Nuclear Missile Attack In Hyperspace After the FS7 Defeat At Sword In 2179...

RHM VenomEdit

  • Launched, 51BC...
  • Destroyed along With the Hail Fire In 2215...

RHM Hail FireEdit

  • Launched 2177...
  • Destroyed Over Rivera, by U.E.A Boarders In 2215...'

RHM DisasterEdit

  • Was Under construction During Rivera Federation War, Ship was never completed...
  • Scrapped After Hail Fire's Destruction In 2215...

Star Orbital History Edit

Collapse Of The Star Orbital Fleet Edit

The Last Surviving Ship Edit

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