The Great Neptune Chase of 1993
Date: September 15th 1993
Conflict: Tom & Jerry War
Region: Aegis, Neptune
Status: Tom is the Victor...
  • Tom Catches and traps Jerry in a Plastic Container...
  • Jerry Mouse under Cartoon Arrest for 20 years...
  • Moses Defenses overwhelmed and Crushed...
  • Cat & Mouse Conflict ends...
  • Moses Empire Crumbles...
Creator:  2091riveraisrael

The Great Chase of 1993 was a major event in the final hours of The Cat & Mouse Conflict conducted during the the Invasion of Neptune in September of 1993. The chase was known to have lasted for 3 Hours during the Heavy fighting around Neptune at Jerry's final Stronghold and Capital City of Aegis.

This was also the first time in History that Tom would chase Jerry while not in the Pictures, of the Tom & Jerry Television Series, and was also the first time that Jerry would commit his antics against Tom in order to get away. Despite All of Jerry's antics on Evading and Humiliating Tom, Tom had managed to finally trap Jerry inside of a Plastic Container and ceiling it with a strong Metal grip so that he could not escape.

After this chase ended on September 15th of 1993, with the loss of Jerry the Mouse, the Moses Lines around the city were smashed and overrun by UCF forces and the War ended.

Prior to the Events Edit

The Chase Edit

First Attempt in Catching JerryEdit

Second Attempt In Catching JerryEdit

Aftermath Edit


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