Plague Of MFE Head Quarters


December 26th, 2174


  • Rivera Federation: Federation Strike 7...
  • United Earth Federation...


Rivera Federation War




UEF Victory


  • FS7's Revenge Stopped...
  • FS7 Holoshot Recovered from Destroyed Longora...
  • Celestia, Learns About where The FS7 Came from and who they are...



The Battle of MFE was an engagement On the Equestrian Head Quarters Located on the Grassy Fields of Central Equestria. That took place on December 26, 2174 after the Raid of the FS7 Ship Yards In Orbit.[1]

Battle Edit

Attack Edit

On December 26, 2174, 3 days after The Destruction of the Star Walks. The FS7 Responed back at Celestia, with a single Star Arora Class Cruiser, the RHM Longora that attacked the MFE, and started deploying troops. Earlier in the battle the FS7 managed to take out UEF anti-aircraft defense gun at Airview Base near MFE and the COM outpost at Luna Station. Eventually, The Mane 6 was dropped in from the Griffions and Dragons drove the FS7 away from MFE HQ. Spike and Twilight Sparkle landed in the main courtyard of the base and drove the FS7 away from the main building. They then made their way to the gate of the complex. Spike used a target locator to designate two Rudder 1's assaulting the base and orbital defenses bombarded the two Submarine tanks. Spike and Twilight both brought Lyer Base and Luna Station back online and made their way back inside the base. Once inside they battled their way to the top floor of the building and assisted in the destruction of incoming Helloras and Raiders. Once hostile air was cleared, two Longswords drove the The Longora, away from the base and an orbital MAC cannon destroyed it.

Aftermath Edit

Overall, the defense was a success, until the FS7 returned 2 Months later and took the base. Eventually, the UEF was forced to destroy MFE Head Quarters due to its high-priority nature.

Meanwhile MARFOREQ prepared for a counterattack in revenge for the FS7 capturing UEF-MFE documents that cause embarrassment to the military expediitonary force.

A factor unforseenEdit

As for them, they were met by a "powerful" military - the Dominion Earth Federation.

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