Battle Of Littleton New Hampshire
SS forces attacked by U.A.BF. forces At Littleton New Hampshire.


November 8th, 2011


  • Nazi Germany
  • United Alliance Of Bush Fans


United States

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Hitler Plans to Return To Germany


U.A.B.F. Victory...

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The Battle Of Littleton Was the second Battle In the SS Blitzkrieg Of New Hampshire to Expand their Perimeters so that they can Leave the United States. The Battle Resulted into A German victory at Pailor Fields by driving the Americans out of the area, but later resulted in an unexpected U.A.B.F victory in the city while they were Marching through the ruble.

After Nazi Occupation Edit

After the Nazi Occupation of the Pailor Fields Hitler sent a radio transmission to Germany ordering the ships to leave port and head for Karl Port New Hampshire about 5 Miles from Berlin New Hampshire.

Hitler and the rest of the third Reich began to gather all of their belongings Cars and everything that has been moved along with the Bunker in order to get ready to leave back for Germany. Hitler was later radioed that a new Bunker was constructed In Germany in order to replace the old one that Fegelein moved, In which the old Bunker was demolished by the SS after their withdraw from the U.S. The SS later began to move through Littleton where they were supposed to use the town as a road block if the United States Military should attack, however it later became a war zone rather than a road block 2 Hours after the SS set foot in the ruins of the city.

U.A.B.F. Attack Edit

At around 4:00PM German forces that were marching through Littleton were ambushed At Roosevelt Square by armed teenagers who call themselves the U.A.B.F. known as the United Alliance of Bush's Fans. The Germans caught completely off guard had only little time to shoot their attackers who were charging with rifles, Tables, Chairs, Shovels, and other pieces of furniture that can kill man.

The entire Square became a hand to hand Combat arena between the Germans and the U.A.B.F, thought the forces of Kate Bush were indeed suffering heavy losses they proved to be gaining the upper hand in this Uprising by over powering SS forces even when they got shot. Minutes later at around 4:23PM the Germans began to call for reinforcements from the Pailor Fields, but the reinforcements in the fields were blocked by Kate's forces preventing a counter attack from reaching Littleton.

German Counter attack Edit

The Germans at Pailor Field now stalled had to try and call In some air attacks which began to pound the hill, despite heavy bombing, Kate's forces have lost only 5 troops in the aerial bombardment. Germans however began to move a core east around the U.A.B.F lines and into Littleton, but like on the Pailor fields they were stopped again, by Sniper fire and Machine gun fire.

The Germans now completely surrounded by enemies all over the street began to pull out of the city, and back into the Pailor fields in order to try and assist their heavy armor so that they can break through and hopefully make into the city before the Pinned squads at Roosevelt Square end up getting Melee'd to death. The Germans however was never able to break the U.A.B.F lines costing their defeat not only in Littleton, but also right in the Pailor Fields as well.

Music Edit

thumb|500px|Center|Oh Angel November 8th, Attack Song Year...1991

SS Pushed Back Edit

After inflicting heavy causalities in the square and the U.A.B.F now completely hitting them from all sides the Germans began a wide spread retreat that quickly became a mad stampeded, some of the solders ended up trampling on one another just to get out of the city.

The Germans on Pailor Fields lost most of their heavy armor and were also forced to pull back with only 2 Tanks left leaving the U.A.B.F to holler in celebration for their victory over Nazi Germany.

Aftermath Edit

Hitler enraged at this type of aggression demanded to know if at least the Transport ships have arrived at the harbor, one of his officers stated that they have and were waiting. The Germans began to leave the United States and back across the Atlantic to Germany, however the Germans were still ticked off after the aggression of November 8th, and by November 9 the SS returned to the United States only this time In BLITZKRIEG!

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