Tarsonis is a planet in the Koprulu Sector. A temperate planet with a core continent and 27 hour day, Tarsonis residents were occasionally afflicted by powerful solar flares. It is the former capitol world of the Terran Confederacy and the current capitol world of UED forces.


Main article: Pre-Divergence history of Tarsonis

UED takeover and reconstruction of TarsonisEdit

In 2500, the UED Expeditionary Fleet under the command of Admiral Borealis Norsoutha, having left the Dylarian Shipyards, arrives to the planet where they captured the Psi Disrupter. Due to its history and the events involving, this resulted in the UEDEF establishing its presence in Tarsonis City, which led to its reconstruction. The UED council has sent to the UED forces science groups and the equipment needed to extract every Tarsonis residents' DNA from the Zerg still left in the planet prior to the UED's arrival. Construction crews, materials and resources were quickly sent to rebuild Tarsonis.

As part of Admiral Borealis' plan, the northern cities, including Tarsonis City, were being renovated while the southern cities awaits construction efforts. UED forces acquired factories, starports, shipyards and mines in order to build weapons, vehicles, spacecraft and spaceships; the shipyards and starports were used to construct a mobile fleet - composed of corvettes, cruisers, frigates, destroyers, battlecruisers, and battleships - that Vice Admiral Pina Co Lada suggested.

The Second Overmind and ten percent of the Zerg Swarm, as part of Admiral Borealis' deal regarding the Zerg Swarm, was placed south of Tarsonis City. Not long after, Jacqueline Angel, the Angel Shipping heiress, and half of Angel Shipping's assets were transferred to Tarsonis City to establish its headquarters there, while the other half became its secondary headquarters in New Trinidad as a result of the mercenaries, hired by Admiral Borealis, wiping out the New Trinidad Pirates.

Due to the fact that Tarsonis will be subject to another destruction, Admiral Borealis has ordered the transformation of the planet into a heavily fortified fortress. Powerful guns - based on the Drakken pulse cannons, albeit being projectile or turbolaser weaponry - were constructed in the northern cities as construction efforts began in the Tarsonian southern cities. Construction of the Norsoutha Palace has also begun.

Known LocationsEdit

Cities and TownsEdit

  • Grange Village
  • Holyktown
  • Kithrup
  • Tarsonis City (capital)
    • The Gutter
    • New Gettysburg
    • Norsoutha Palace


  • Bennet Park
  • Ewen Park
    • Cortlandt Meadow
  • Palombo Valley

Military BasesEdit

  • Camp Connelly
  • Center for State Security HQ
  • Ghost Academy
  • Second Overmind nesting site

Orbital FacilitiesEdit

  • New Gettysburg
  • Osborne Port
  • Tarsonis Orbital
  • Theta Prime


  • Giddings Station
  • Tarsonis Starport

Industrial SitesEdit

  • Tarsonis City Industrial Zone
  • Grange Village Industrial Zone
  • Mount Olympus Industrial Area

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