The Europeans Launch a surprise Invasion Of the United States Starting At Kennedy Space Center catching the US completely off guard, and sending them fleeing North Towards Broward.

The Battle Of Cape Canaveral (January 4th 2023 - January 6th 2023) During The Openining Of 2023, America had no idea that the Europeans were coming. Damian Bass the general of the Europeans lunched a surprise attack in New York City with One of Rivera's units. The United States were not expecting this attack so they weren't so prepared for this assault. So Damian Bass just took over New York, but no one knows for how long though. Eventually Damian helps Highland Rivera in Cape Canaveral, Florida where The United States was already massing for a counter attack against the occupied Space Port. After Many Hours of Intense fighting through the ruins of the Spaceport the United States Suffers many losses and are forced too pull back to Broward County. Mark as well Invaded New Orland's to the South and Occupied the Whole City In a matter of Minutes, while Matt Too Over Grissom Air Base to the North. Weeks later after Intensive Conflict the United States Lost the entire Eastern Northern and Southern Mainlands However the Battle Of Maxwall was the battle that finally stopped the European Advance and could no longer Invade the rest of the Nation unless the Maxwall was out of the way.

Return From Europe Edit

Prelude To Invasion Edit

7:00 Am Edit

Strange Contacts Edit

A Nervous Country Edit

Unknown Bogeys Edit

Europeans Attack Cape Canaveral Florida Edit

Euro Gunships Over The Shore Edit

Europeans Land Edit

Attack On Space Sport Edit

Occupation Of Cape Canaveral Residents Edit

9:00 Am Edit


Europeans and U.S Armed Forces Clash Edit

Into The Ruble Edit

Armed Militia Edit

U.S Counter Attack Edit

The Great Push Edit

Europeans Reinforced Edit

Europeans Occupy Cape Canaveral Edit

Last Line Of Defense Overwhelmed Edit

Battle Of Cape Canal Edit

U.S Retreat Edit

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