Strike Team Three/Raven Ghost Team
Faction American
Strike Team Three/Raven Ghost Team insignia


Joint SAS-USMC special operations


Assault Rifles:

  • M4A1 with or without Flip Scope and Holographic
  • M4A1 Grenadier with Holographic Sight/ACOG Scope/Red Dot Sight

Sub-machine Guns:

  • MP5
    • MP5SD

Machine Guns:

  • M240/M249 SAW


Foxtrot Alpha

'Numbers of Personnel':

200,000 to Unlimited



Strike Team three/Raven Ghost Team
Faction American
Emblem of the Raven Ghost team
Leader(s) Foxtrot Alpha
Appears in None
Country Great Britain

Philippines (Foxtrot)

Type Joint SAS-USMC Special Ops
Engagements Fallout of Equestria

Galactic War
Equestrian Zombie War

Active Active
Motto God Forgive Us All!

Strike Team Three, nicknamed Ghost/Raven Team,nwas their operatives was nicknamed Raven Ghosts, was a joint SAS-USMC special operations forces tactical/strategic strike team that appears in the Galactic Revolution.


They were caught in a ship, which had its warheads destroyed, destroying them, along with possible enemies in the process.

Rise of the Raven teamEdit

Foxtrot Alpha was a new leader of the Strike Team Three, aka Raven Ghost Team. He did reassembled the entire Strike Team three.

Project XionicEdit

They did appeared in their project known as Xionic. The operation was Black Bell, an operation to send Raven Ghosts operatives down there.

Operation Black BellEdit

They had been sent to intervene the enemies. Several hours later, Raven Ghosts appears using cloaking devices, alarming all. The Overseer, was still alive, most likely rescued by 1st Armada Rangers of the United Federation or possibly using the Chrono Legionnaires. Grand President Paffendoft Petrenkov, aka President Mengsk, just arrived on the scene with the United Federation Armed Forces. Kary-08 ordered Foxtrot to stay out of their fight, but he didn't listen. When Kary-08 gets near to him, Foxtrot stabilizes and electrocutes her with to tazers, which making him saying in German: "ICH BIN FENGANSY! ZHAU FUCKT!" (YOU ARE TRYING TO CRAZE ME! YOU <CENSORED>!)


They finally appears as one of the primary special operations forces, the protagonists and deuterogonists. They are featured as MARFOREQ, abbreviation of the Marine Forces, Equestria.


  • They didn't appeared in Equestria until the calling of the United Earth Federation.

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