Stars of Mir invasion of North Korea
Location Korean Peninsula
Result Stars of Mir/Capitalist victory
  • Stars of Mir occupation of North Korea
  • First successful field test of the Harmony powered armors
Stars of Mir Stars of Mir

Allies/Member-states of the SoM

Template:FlagUSA United States of America

Template:FlagSouthKorea South Korea

  • Republic of Korea Armed Forces

Major US allies

Template:FlagNorthKorea Democratic People's Republic of Korea
  • Korean People's Army
    • Korean People's Army Ground Force
    • Korean People's Air Force
    • Korean People's Navy

Template:FlagPRC People's Republic of China

  • People's Liberation Army
    • PLA Ground Force
      • PLA Special Operations Force
    • PLA Air Force
    • PLA Navy
      • PLA Navy Surface Force
      • PLA Navy Submarine Force
      • PLA Navy Marine Corps
      • PLA Navy Coastal Defense Force
      • PLA Navy Air Force
Commanders and leaders
Stars of Mir Borealis Trident Mir Sparkler-Honeymoon

Stars of Mir Ushanka Mosin Starkovsky
Stars of Mir General Dimanetri Topohoof
Stars of Mir Colonel Dimanetri Zeborov
Stars of Mir Colonel Dimanetri Krienovski

NATO and Non-NATO leaders Supreme Leader of North Korea

President of the PRC

Casualties and losses
Heavy Heavy Massive

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