Stars of Mir-United Nations war
Date 20XX
Location Earth
Stars of Mir Stars of Mir Template:FlagUN United Nations
Allies of the Stars of Mir

Terrorist organizations

Allies of Novaya Equestria

Allies of the United Nations

Terrorist organizations

Allies of the US

Commanders and leaders
Stars of MirFlag of equestria by desigos (small)Template:FlagMareveola Borealis Trident Mir Sparkler-Honeymoon

Template:FlagGermaneEmpire The Kaiser
Template:FlagNovayaMarerussia Grigor I. Stoyaneighvich

Template:FlagRatatoskr Elliot Baldwin Woodman

Template:FlagUN Secretary General of the United Nations

Template:FlagDEM DEM Director Sir Isaac Ray Peram Wescott

Template:FlagCelestinaEmpire Princess Twilight Sparkle

Template:FlagCelestinaEmpire Princess Celestia
Template:FlagCelestinaEmpire Princess Luna
Crystal pony flag by 3luk-d57kcq1 Princess Mi Amore Cadenza

Template:FlagConcordia Princess Rosetta

Template:FlagHenosis Princess Iridia
Template:FlagBlackIslands Princess Galaxias
Template:FlagHoovesofSleipnir Hoof Paint

Units involved
Stars of Mir Armed Forces

Allied armed forces

DEM Military Forces
  • DEM Army
  • DEM Air Force
  • DEM Navy

Celestina Empire Armed Forces

Allied armed forces

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