The Star Blitz was a massive Destructive Campaign intiated by the Universal Generation 2 years after Humanity's encountered the Universal Generation in 2147.

The Star Blitz began sometime during the events of the Herkgen Theater in 2149, following a series of encounters with the United Earth Republican AC-491 Gunships, during the Battles of Jasper, Monroe, and Bakara in 2148. The Campaign was launched in hopes of tracking the the AC-491 production facilites around the Organic galaxy and destroy them.

The Star Blitz brought about an end to the production of the AC-941 in March of 2155, due to Profits and money being lost at each passing attempt that Army of Naval Leadership had tried in order to replace the loss Gunships and facilities that were destroyed by the Universal Generation on 6 worlds.

The Star Blitz Campaign went down in history of the Galactic War, as the first major offensive conducted by the Universal Generation in the Organic realm against a number of Human held worlds, and also went down in history to humanity as the first major engagements that they had managed to last long against a Universal Generation siege as well as the first time they encountered the Riviera Walkers.

Though this Campaign was concluded as a Universal Generation victory by 2155, the Liberation of Herkgen 2 years ago in 2153, would still be rememebered even after a disastrous event such as this has occurred.


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