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Siege of Trottingham
Conflict FS7 Conquest of Equestria and UEF Liberation of Equestria
Campaign The Eagle Falls
Date January 21, 2176
Place Warp gate area, Equestria/Ibex Empire

New lunar republic by makkon-d3hkznn New Lunar Republic
Template:FlagSolarEmpire Solar Empire
Template:FlagUEA Universal Earth Alliance

Request flag of united earth fed by generalhelghast-d58nlsz United Earth Directorate

Rivera Federation Logo Rivera Federation

TerranDominion Logo2 Dominion Earth Federation
Request flag of united earth fed by generalhelghast-d58nlsz United Earth Federation


Template:FlagSolarEmpire Princess Celestia
New lunar republic by makkon-d3hkznn Princess Luna
Template:FlagUEA Yara Hoskia

250px-UnitedEarthDirectorate SC1 Logo1.svg UED Admiral Gerard DuGalle
250px-UnitedEarthDirectorate SC1 Logo1.svg UED Vice Admiral Alexei Stukov
250px-UnitedEarthDirectorate SC1 Logo1.svg UED Captain Jonathan Bravo
740px-FANMADE Royal flag S1E26 Young Admiral
TerranConfederacy SC1 Logo1 General Edmund Duke
TerranConfederacy SC1 Logo1/250px-UnitedEarthDirectorate SC1 Logo1.svg Lieutenant Samir Duran
Template:FlagUnitedEquestria Starbeam Twinkle

Rivera Federation Logo Dictator Horace Highland Rivera
Rivera Federation Logo Dark Sparkle
Rivera Federation Logo Shadow Dash
Rivera Federation Logo Shadowjack
Rivera Federation Logo Pinkie Dark
Rivera Federation Logo Flutterdark
Rivera Federation Logo Dark Rarity

Request flag of united earth fed by generalhelghast-d58nlsz Admiral Vassily Aleksander Petrenko


Request flag of united earth fed by generalhelghast-d58nlsz UED Strike Team

Cronus Wing
  • Marines
  • Firebats
  • Marauders
  • Reapers
  • Medics
  • Specters
  • Ghosts
  • Vulture-class hover bikes
  • Hellion-class armored cars
    • Battle hellions
  • Crucio-class siege tanks
  • Goliath-class combat walkers
  • Diamondback-class hover tanks
  • Wraith II-type starfighters
  • Valkyrie-type missile frigates
  • Valkyrie-type gunships
  • Banshee-class aircraft
  • Viking-type combat fighters/walkers
  • Storm-class battlecruisers
  • Explorer-class science vessels
  • Starbeam-class Fleet Battlestations
  • T-280 space construction vehicles
  • Quantradyne APOD-33 dropships
  • Hercules-class drophships
  • G-228 medical transports

Rivera Federation Logo Rivera Federation: Federation Strike 7

2 different FS7 forces
Dark Sparkle's forces
Dictator Horace Highland Rivera's forces
  • T-280 space construction vehicles
  • Androids
  • Firebats
  • Star Clouds
  • Shark Marksmen
  • Stryker-class APC's
  • Riviera-class combat Shark Spider
  • Star Smashers-class combat Shark Spider walkers
  • Kaiser-class siege tanks
  • Rudder 1-class tanks
  • Hail Arora-class/Star Arora-class battlecruisers
  • Helloria-type glass starfighters
  • Brawler-type Bombers
  • Raider Transports/Dropships

UEF Assault Fleet

  • Storm-class battlecruisers
  • Banshee-class aircraft
  • Valkyrie-type missile frigates
  • Valkyrie-type gunships
  • Star Arora-class/Hail Arora-class battlecruisers

TerranDominion Logo2 DEF Assault Fleet

Medium None; all forces withdrawn from the arrival of DSS Imperial, DSS Aleksander and its assault fleet None

The Siege of Trottingham was a Rivera Federation-turned United Earth Directorate operation which occurred shortly after the defeat of the United Equestria on the surface of Equestria. Arcturus Mengsk and a United Earth Federation task force had rescued United Equestrian members from the FS7.


The FS7 forces followed the fugitives to the Ibex Empire, where they discovered Calliope's weakly-defended command center near a large Ib'xian base and a "fully functional" but inactive warp gate. The Ib'xians had surrounded the warp gate in an effort to protect it from the Riverians, but the FS7 appeared to be passive. The UED cleared out a suitable home base from the FS7 who occupied it and settled in for the assistance. The Captain was ordered to directly assist the Ib'xians, while Duran would hold off the FS7 to the northeast. Stukov and DuGalle would also prevent the FS7 from approaching from other directions.

Edmund Duke was the only one to assist them by piloting the DSS Aleksander with the help of Vladimir Makarov. Edmund Duke said that he will take command of the flagship. Dictator Horace Highland Rivera met Young Admiral, Edmund Duke, Samir Duran, Alexei Stukov, Gerard DuGalle, and Starbeam Twinkle. The Mane Six just arrived in via dropship, and said that they were planning to assist the UED and Confederate forces. Twilight Sparkle has told the Black Six that they resembled the Mane Six.

When the warp gate was activated, its powerful psionic energies awoke the Riverians, who began to attack indiscriminately. Nonetheless, the UED slowly assisted the Ib'xian, but the FS7 in the other hand destroyed Calliope's command center. Calliope and Vassily flew away in a dropship towards the warp gate, with the FS7 in hot pursuit.

Stukov detected a wave of DEF and UEF forces attacking from the northeast, but he and Duran had moved their forces in of place. Duran claimed his equipment was detecting the DEF and the UEF, and perhaps there was a problem with Dictator Horace Highland Rivera's equipment. Then he claimed his communications equipment was working, and cut off the transmission of Dictator Horace Rivera's. With a first blow on the FS7, the Black Six released their nuclear barrages at every FS7 Forces who overrun every Ib'xian forces and their military forces.

The UEF and the DEF assisted the UED operation, allowing Mengsk, Yara Hoskia, Princess Luna, Princess Celestia and the rests to escape. The warp gate then self-destructed.

Stukov told the Captain that they must leave, as someone had a personal matter to take care of.


  1. Confederate General Edmund Duke
  2. Confederate Lieutenant Samir Duran
  3. UED Vice Admiral Alexei Stukov
  4. UED Captain Jonathan Bravo
  5. UED Admiral Gerard DuGalle
  6. UEF Vice Admiral Young Admiral
  7. United Equestrian Cabinet Starbeam Twinkle