Siege Of Horace Head Quarters
Siege Of Standford November 9th, 2011
U.A.B.F. Forces hidden In the ruins of Horace Head Quarters, shooting at Attacking Germans during the Siege...


November 9th, 2011 - November 10th, 2011



Standford Heights Upstate New York


Jeff Wayne: Brave New World...1978


United Nazi War


U.A.B.F. Victory...


  • Germans retreat back to Occupied Manhattan...
  • U.A.B.F. abandon Horace HQ...
  • Nazi Germany discovers the State of Origin, for the United Alliance Of Bush's Fans...



The Siege Of Standford Heights Was known to be the first major Stall in the Nazi Advance In Upstate New York, On November 9th, of 2011. Despite the destruction of the walls and entering the United Alliance Of Bush's Fans Head Quarters their attack was repelled by a U.A.B.F Counter attack that sent the German forces fleeing back on the other side of the walls. It was from here on that Nazi Germany figured out that the U.A.B.F. State of Origin was New York Despite, their Leader Kate Bush being English.

Prelude Edit

Battle Edit

Walls At Horace HQ BreachedEdit

The SS finally at last discover the United Alliance Of Bush's Fans Head Quarters In Upstate N.Y. On The 9th, Of November 2011. After blowing the walls apart. Hitler orders the attack, and the SS Surge into the Fortress, but their war wasn't going to be as short as they thought. As they entered the Fortress their forces came under fire from U.A.B.F all around the entire region inside, both Machine gun, Assualt rifle, and Bolt Action rifle.

Major Fire Fights throughout the regionsEdit

U.A.B.F Counter AttackEdit

U.A.B.F Counter Attack At Standford Heights...2011

German RetreatEdit

Aftermath Edit


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