Attack On Luthor


August 2nd, 2168 -August 14th, 2168


  • Universal Earth Alliance
  • Rivera Federation: Federation Strike 7


Rivera Federation War




U.E.A. Victory...


  • FS7 begin Invasion of Outer Earth Colonies from 2168-2171...
  • U.E.A begins project Orbital Warfare...
  • FS7's only chance on stopping the Human Uprising Eliminated...


Yaran 7...

The Siege of Luthor was a battle which took place two months after the U.E.A Victory at Arizona, and their major establishment. This battle is also known as the Defense of Luthor, Battle Of Luthor, or Assault on Luthor.

Prelude Edit

Battle Edit

The day of battle dawned, and The Continentals sent down a large Invasion force on the surface of Luthor, landing ships accompanied by clouds of swarming Goras and Hellorias. Although numerous brave untrained pilots battled above, they could not stop all of the FS7 Invaders from landing in Horan the capital of Luthor. After a successful breach in the U.E.A defenses in orbit, mostly due to the U.E.A. not being fully prepared for O.S.W. (Orbital Space Warfare), dozens of fully loaded transports made it through. U.E.A General Stan Kara, and U.E.A. Defense eterny, George Sanders, worked to protect the fetal and adolescent stage of factories and munitions from FS7 Invasion, and activated the city's alarms leading only the new and improved recruits to defend the planet, against the FS7. Under the leadership of Stan Kara, the the U.E.A Rookies and new recruits advanced through the enemy lines.

A Large ground war moved through out the entire water platform, the FS7 was known at first to be gaining the upper hand against the U.E.A at the dry docks, but were later repelled, by the use of newly constructed, tanks. The continentals was forced to launch a desperate strike at the supposed location of the city's shield generator, a generator that was preventing any attempts from Orbital bombardment. However, the recruits proved to dial for the FS7 and managed to successfully prevent the FS7 from reaching the generators; the data gathered by the Corporate Alliance was false—there was no shield generator—and the Continental's efforts were in vain. In a last-ditch attack, the FS7 soon found themesselves surrounded and being attack on all fronts losing ground on the Water platform that they have gained in the last 12 days. Realizing the Invasion failed, the Continentals ordered the FS7 to Evacuate the planet. the U.E.A Space fleet counter attacked the FS7 Fleet in orbit and began to delay their withdraw. The Continentals entered the war themselves in orbit to destroy them and thus buy their forces time to retreat. The Continentals were known to be too overwhelming from the new recruits allowing the FS7 to get away.

Aftermath Edit

Though apparently a victory for the Univerasal Earth Alliance, the battle was actually engineered by Highland and the rest of the Continentals, to destroy the Humans of Luthor in an attempt to stop the Founding of the Universal Earth Alliance, but this failure allowed the Humans to complete their preporations and found the U.E.A allowing them to uprise against FS7 Invasion.

Triva Edit

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