Second Middle Eastern Conflict
Location Middle East
Status Allied offensive ongoing
  • Large swathes of cities and towns liberated

Marerussian/Chineighse offensive ongoing

  • Marerussia acquire nuclear weapons
22x20px North Amareican Union

Template:Country data Neighropean Union

Template:Country data Marerussian Federation

Template:Country data Ponies' Republic of Chineigh

Template:Country data Middle Eastern Coalition
Commanders and leaders
22x20px President of the NAU

22x20px NAU Secretary of Defense
Template:Country data Neighropean Union President of the Neighropean Union
Template:Country data Neighropean Union Neighropean Union Council

22x20px Captain Borealis Trident Mir Sparkler-Honeymoon

Template:Country data Marerussia President Brodsky

Template:Country data Marerussia Prime Minister of Marerussia
Template:Country data Chineigh President of Chineigh
Template:Country data Chineigh Premier of Chineigh

Template:Country data Marerussia Lieutenant Starlight Aurora

Template:Country data MEC President of the Middle Eastern Coalition

Template:Country data MEC Prime Minister of the MEC

Units involved
Template:Flagicon image

Template:Flagicon image Military of the Neighropean Union

Template:Flagicon image Marerussian Armed Forces

Template:Flagicon image Ponies' Liberation Army

Armed Forces of the Middle Eastern Coalition
  • Army of the Middle Eastern Coalition
  • Air Force of the Middle Eastern Coalition
  • Navy of the Middle Eastern Coalition

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