Sarah Malian
Sarah Malian
Born: August 13th, 2015
Status: Alive
Gender: Female
Age: 9 (As of 2024)
  • Milia Malian (Mother)
  • Derrick Malian (Father)
Love Interest:

2091riveraisrael (Guardian/Major Crush)

Occupation: Child of the Survival Federation Group
Fire Arms The PLAGUE
Created By: 2091riveraisrael

Sarah Malian is a young girl and the Deuteragonist during The PLAGUE who joins 2091riveraisrael in an effort to find safety during the events of the Plague Uprising.

Personality Edit

Having been left alone for some time with Kara Leina, and experiencing the most gruesome events that could occur during the Plague Uprising, Sarah has adapted rather quickly towards her surroundings. Sarah is a girl of substance, letting her actions speak louder than her words. She can be brave, but still is a young girl at heart. She is shown to be deeply frightened by many of the events happening and can break down when a situation is too overwhelming for her to sustain.

For only being nine years old, Sarah displays remarkable intelligence and maturity, presumably due to the seriousness of the environment. Sarah's Maturity is so great, that 2091riveraisrael, and Zero Medina, often think twice of her. They even beleive that she could be a 21 year old women, in a little girls disguise, which even to them they know is indeed not a fact.

She is also able to be practical and improvise in situations such as helping 2091riveraisrael brace the door with his grandfather's cane when the Plague were advancing in on the drug store. She also picks up on subtle things most children her age would not be bothered by. When Lawrence, was interrogated by Leira, she quickly drags him away from the argument before he could get pulled in, saving the boy any trouble.

Compared to John's more oblivious attitude, Sarah is much more aware of the current events going on in the group, such as the power struggle between Leira and Nage. Sarah reveals to 2091riveraisrael that she is aware that her parents are "gone," stating that she'd rather have him lie to her because it is more comforting to hear. However, it unknown whether she perceives her parents as truly dead or just missing for the time being.

She is also a very kind-hearted and polite girl, as she displays adequate manners when talking to the adults. Sarah isn't a conformist and is not afraid to speak out on her mind, believing that everyone should do their best to be a kind Samaritan unless threatened otherwise. Evidently, she disagrees with the group's choice of taking away a truckload of rations left behind by survivors who were escaping the Plague, claiming that the owners may return for their supplies.

However, despite her maturity, Sarah is still relatively naive in the way children are, for example where Sarah admits to putting a bug on John's pillow and in another example is when her and 2091riverasrael reached North east Karson, where she admits to 2091riverasrael, that the coch roaches and rats were gross.

Depending on how 2091riveraisrael's responds to her, she may show him affection or distaste towards him. At the end of the day, however, she still treats 2091riveraisrael like a small boyfriend, representing a large crush that she had on him when Kara first introduced him, about 4 days before The Plague Uprising.

Relationships Edit


Main article: 2091riveraisrael


Sarah was born by both Milia Malian, and Derrick Malian on August 13th, 2015, in the falling months of the United Nazi War's end. She looked up to her parents as best friends, and guardian angles, loving them with all of her heart. She would always tell them how she would often feel about how nervous that she would be around other kids, and would often be helped with both the advice of her mother and father.

However her parents soon became more distant as soon as she reached age 9, refering to the United States pour economy, (mostly due to the United Nazi War damage inflicted on New England, and else where in the North.) After her parents went off on a buisness errand, in Kraken, Kara Leina, was left in Sarah's homes to babysit her until they came home.

Unfortunatly after the Plague Uprising, her parents were both killed during the fall of Kraken, leaving her as an Orphan. Sarah took her parents death very hard, but 2091's near death would later cause her to get over it and allow them to be at peace knowing that she is safe.

Kara Leina RiveraEdit

Main article: Kara Leina

Sarah always thought of Kara Leina, as her older sister, due to the fact of her babysitting her almost every day, due to her parents being absent in Kraken. She would often always play with Kara, who would happily respond with this. Kara however later showed up with her older brother 2091riveraisrael, in which Sarah would later start receiving a large crush on him.

Kara would keep on watching over Sarah, until the events and opening of the Plague Uprising, where she was murdered by Plague forces while attempting to defend Sarah from being killed by the Plague. Sarah's body would later be found by her elder brother who just showed up to warn her, but was too late, to spare her life.

Mora MedinaEdit

Main article: Mora Kusukia Medina

Mora Medina, acts like a motherly figure towards Sarah Malian, who often thinks of her as a substitue Mother as well. Despite her not forgetting her real mother, and Mora not being her real mom. Mora thinks of Sarah as her own daughter, and would often play with her like Sarah's real mom would do. Sarah and Mora possess a strong mother and Daughter relationship, due to the way that they think of each other.

Sarah however had no idea, though that Mora had romantic feelings towards 2091riveraisrael, and would later find out about 3 months after the events of the Dead Rising Incident, at Pallard beach. After seeing the 2 kissing before the group made there way towards the floating Yacht, in the harbor. Sarah ran away filled with nothing but pain. The site of her having 2091 all to herself, (depending on what 2091 tells Sarah when she is asking him why he kissed her.) If 2091 lies to Sarah, he will be asked kindly too leave, where Sarah makes an excuse saying that she misses John, and Sarah's relationship with Mora will drop, causing nothing but hate. However, if told the truth, despite not liking Mora that much anymore since witnessing her relationship with 2091riveraisreal, she still thought of her as a mother, and would often still play with her. The only time she would leave her sight or not say anything is when 2091 and Mora are acting romantically towards each other.

After Sarah's kiddnapping, Sarah still shows to have a huge relationship with Mora, even allowing herself to come with 2091riveraisrael, Mitsuki, Zero, and Paul, (If alive). After Mora's death Sarah would later enter a state of depression, which means even though she was jealous of her and 2091's relationship, she still thought of her as a mother,


2091's fateEdit

Survival or DeathEdit

Waking up in what appears to be a Store of some kind, Sarah had taken 2091 there for safety. 2091 then shows Sarah that the wound that he has gotten when he was 4 years old has re opened, and as well tells her the story on how he got the scar that nearly cost him his left eye, leaving him with 8 stitches. This late story angers Sarah for, him not telling her about it earlier, for the last 5 months (Depending if the Player decides to tell her the truth earlier), If already told the truth, she would just worry about his safety.

2091 than hands her the Power, and tries to open the door, but the lack of blood causes him to weaken so much that he can barley hold himself up. Now being helped by Sarah, he is than moved from the stand towards the wall where he sits down. He begins to grow very hoarse and he starts becoming extremely tired. Sarah's anger eventually died down back to a state of worry. 2091 than hands his power to her and tells Sarah to destroy it, and that his time was now.

2091, on the brink of death now from blood loss, will be given a 2 choice piece of Dialogue in order to inform Sarah to escape, or to destroy The Power. If Sarah is told to escape, she becomes the Playable character, and she runs to find something to stop the bleeding, while under a 30 second time limit. If she dosen't find anything within the limit, than 2091 bleeds to death, and she is show crying over him, but if she finds something to stop the bleeding the Timer freezes, and Jack later shows up armed with a Shot gun, along with Medical supplies, and 2091 is spared from death.

If asked to destroy The Power, she dose what she says only to find him dead, as soon as she dose. Sarah will be shown weeping over his death, than will actually press lips against his revealing her love for him, and saying the words "I Love you" before being found by Jack, and taken out.

If 2091 dies, the world is finally at ease with less wars on American soil. Sarah is shown eventually at age 18 (A Daughter of Jack Young John), where she was folding a large portion of laundry. She than notices a picture of 2091 and her, for when she was 9 years old, and she starts to cry. If 2091 survives, than Sarah is taken in as a daughter by Jack Young John, and 2091 is than shown with 8 stiches once again like he was when he was 4 years old, and he destroys the Power by drowing the gun in water than placing the power bomb wiping the threat out, in response to the end of hostile threats in the United States once and for all. 2091 than takes over for Kara's job as a baby sitter, and would often visit Sarah every day, where Sarah would teach him on how to socialize with other people (Anyone except girls).

Trivia Edit

  • Sarah Malian, was a Parody of Clementine the little girl who survived the Zombie Apocalypse of Georgia along Side Lee Everett, in the Video game The Walking Dead...
  • Sarah hints, that she always loved basket ball, and that she was a good player against other students in her school.
  • She attends to have studied Health, while In Elementry School before the Plague Invaded her town, she appeared to help a collage student by putting pressure on the leg, before it became out of bounce...
  • Sarah seems to take a liking to Horror movies, as well as Zombie flicks...
  • Like 2091riveraisrael Sarah also shares the same birthday as he, on August 13th...

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