The Mysterious Sighting of 2189 Occurred on a tusday when Continental New Harrison warped Jumped off course and entered the world of Harmony. He remained in Equestria's skies for about 8 hours, but an Incident occured when New Harrison was trying to fix the engines, resulting in the ships Auto MG.42's shooting down boarders Jade, and Nirman resulting into the ship being hostile to Equestria. By the time an attack could be mounter against the Roar Fire the ship escapes, never to be seen again. 

Mysterious Contact Edit

Trying to Decifer ship Edit

Is the Ship R.F.F.S.7. or U.E.F.?Edit

Investigating the Roar StarEdit

No ResponsesEdit

Plan for boardingEdit

Roar stars defenses go heywireEdit

Deaths of Nirman & JadeEdit

Celestia's plan of attackEdit

Roar Stars EscapeEdit

Aftermath Edit

Identify of the ship discoveredEdit

Continental Aboard discoveredEdit

Location of Roar Star discoveredEdit

Further ActionsEdit

Trivia Edit

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