Rivera Rapid Power Devastator
Rivera Rapid Power Devastator
The Devestator On A Universal Earth Information Screen In Central Russia In 2182...


August 13th, 2180


Federation Strike 7




  • Devil Blaster (Chinese Miltiary)
  • Neo R.P.D. (Russian Military)
  • United Fire (United States & Japanses Militaries)
  • Motion Terror (Canadian Military)


Beltlogger 12


200 Rounds per Magazine

Continent Of Origin:



2180 - (After Era)...

The Rivera Rapid Powered Devastator is one of the newest machine guns that were created from Beltlogger 12 and were introduced during the mid Events Of The Rivera Federation War During the Federation Strike 7's main Invasion Of Cincinnati during the year 2180. The R.R.P.D was considered to be more stronger then both the MG.42 and the R.98 Combined, It is also consisted to be the Younger Sister of It's counter part the Riverian Torque Devastator and the Russian made R.P.D. (Ruchnoy Pulemyot Degtyaryova) created and developed by Soviet Gun Manufacturer Vasily Degtyaryov. Manufactured from Beltlogger 12 On August 13th, Of 2180, the Devastator was automatically sent to Earth after construction and testing in order to aide the advancing Federation Strike 7 forces In both Canada and Cincinnati. Those Days of the War On Earth In both Cincinnati and In Canada It was announced by Dictator Horace Highland Rivera that It was first time that The R.R.P.D was ever used In War rather than the MG.42, After many of it's major success it replaced the MG.42 through the final years of the Rivera Federation War On Earth, Despite large numbers of Federation Strike 7 forces who still rely on the MG.42 Due to the fact of It's speed and lack of Flaws. The Devestator has 2 Flaws in which can destroy even the toughest of Androids if not used correctly, the first flaw is that It would overheat after firing for a certain number of times or Jam causing an attacker to quickly out maneuver the gunner, because of these flaws the MG.42 was still the primary heavy Machine Gun in the Federation Strike 7 Arsenal. It had been discovered after the Rivera Federation War By Universal Earth Scientist Renaya Jusikia In March 1st, 2290, that the Devastator has a huge and bitter rivalry with the MG.42... After Rivera's Universal Collapse The Devastator was still In Mass produced from Beltlogger 12 where they continued to become popular in other wars that would later Erupt across Hora and served as the primary Heavy Machine Gun for the newly born Soul Continent Arora A.K.A The Daughter Of Europodia.

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