Rivera Federation R 49 Rifle by meowjar
The R.46 was the most oldest weapon in the History Of the Rivera Federation Arsenal.


December 7th, 991,000,000BE


Rivera Federation War...


Beltlogger 12


5 Rounds per Magazine


  • R.46 (Rivera Federation)
  • Wall Piercer (Rain Rebels)
  • Karabiner 98k (Rivera Rangerains / Second World War...)
  • Rapper 46: (Four Horseman)
  • Bolt Shot (Dorgorna Pirates)

Continent Of Origin:

Beltlogger Sector

Fire Rate:

1, Shot Per Bolt Action


991,000,000BE - 4029

R.46 Rifle: (Ravage.46)The Most successful long range fire arm in Riverian history. It has a range of a bout 400 Yards of more, it can pierce through walls and take out enemies in one single shot It is the most powerful Bolt Rifle ever created from Beltlogger 12 during the Colonization of planet Rivera On December 7th, 991,000,000BE followed by the G.r. Sub machine gun. When The Rivera Rangerian Forces Were Founded From The Continent Of Jeromoria On 988,000,000BE, they Manufactured Different Variety's Of The 46, including a new and improved prototype version that actually Fired the First Wall Piercing lasers, This would later Lead to the Rivalry between both The Rivera Federation and The Rivera Rangerians. When World War 2 broke out, the Rangerians changed the name of the rifle from R.46 to the Karabiner 98k Rifle, It remained with that name until the end of World War 2, and was renamed by It's original number the Ravage.46. Throughout many Wars On both Rivera and Earth the Ravage was always being use as a primary weapon for the Rivera Federation Military. It was also used in many space campaigns such as Operation Star during the War Of 1211. the Platinum War On Sierra, and Asteroid Warfare. Throughout out all these different kinds of terrains the Ravage was never scrapped and was instead mass produced higher than any other Rifle made by Beltlogger 12 or Rivera's Industries. The 46 was switched from lasers to Bullets before the events of the Second World War On July 4th, 1933 In Nazi Germany, where the Rangerian's were massing for an Invasion Of Europe and the whole planet of Earth. The War back fired after becoming overrun on both the eastern and western fronts and the Rangerians were forced to pull back leaving behind thousands of 46 Rifles that were recovered by the Soviets, and Americans. Despite the Scrapping of the MG.42 on the Earth Continent's, the 46 continued to be used as a primary and standard Issue weapon for the Military forces of Rivera, and for only some of the The Earth Continent's.

Numbers Built: From 991,000,000BE - 1945: 991,001,945

Status: Still In Use...

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